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Third Anniversary giveaway!


To help make your shopping a little easier, I've rounded up some of my personal favorite gifts to give those in your life. Today's gift guide? It's all about what to buy the fashionista in your life! As a die hard fashion lover, my eyes are always looking for what's new and trending in the fashion world. 


Just when I thought fall was here, Charleston decided to change it's mind again! I've been soaking up these 70 degree days but deep down, I'm excited for sweater weather. I got a little glimpse of it while we were in Maryland but it was short lived! Although it's December, it feels far from anything remotely like Christmas, even though our house is decorated and I've got Christmas music playing throughout the house. 

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One of my favorite holidays is right around the corner, Thanksgiving! Each year we make the trek up to Maryland to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with P's parents, and I love attending Thanksgiving with his family. 


Parisian Style

Happy Monday! I am over the moon today and haven't felt this much joy in a little while now (especially on a Monday) and it's all because two of my favorite people in the world got married this past weekend!


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