10 Things Every Stylish Home Needs

Whether you're moving into your first home, apartment, or studio, decorating can be the most fun but difficult challenges for anyone. To make things easier, we've rounded up the top 10 things every stylish home needs to look classic and chic.  Faux Sheepskin 

Photography by: Centsationalgirl.com

Every stylish home should have a faux sheepskin rug throw somewhere. The trend seems a little overdone but there's a reason why those cool Scandinavian homes have them everywhere. They're a great way to add texture to a room and it makes a comfortable chair even more so. Throw them over some dining chairs or beside your bed for those cold winter floors.

Serving Tray

via Simply Elegant 

Serving trays are one of my must haves for any stylish home. It's a great way to present your favorite books, candles, and trinkets. Plus it can double as your very own bed in breakfast tray. Because don't we all need more slow mornings with breakfast in bed?

Throw Pillows

via Decor8

Guys, want to know the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade your space? Invest in some seriously comfy throw pillows! My personal favorite is to go for neutral colors and let it do the talking for me. Target and World Market have excellent choices for any space. 

Wall Art

via A Beautiful Mess 

Wall art is a great way to tie a room together and let your personality shine through. Dust off those old photos and take some new ones and hang them up either separately or as a gallery wall. We love how A Beautiful Mess styled a corner as a gallery wall! 



Like any girl knows, candles are the best way to make a house a home. I personally have candles lit anytime we're home! Make your home shine (and smell good!) but investing in some candles to scatter around. Target has some wonderful choices, or hit up your local farmers market for some locally made beeswax candles. 

Bar Cart

via Apartment Therapy 

We've covered the bar cart territory before here at Paper Meets Pearl and the trend is still going strong! Decorate your home with a bar cart holding your most beautiful glassware. Even if you prefer not to have alcohol, you can even decorate your bar cart with fruits, locally made or unique sodas, and display your favorite decorative pieces. 


via Coco Lapine Design 

Show off your smarts with your book collection! Any stylish home should proudly display their books that's been collected over the years. Either style them in one color like at Coco Lapine Designs or arrange them in a colorful rainbow. The choice is yours! 

Coat Rack

via Homey Oh My!

The coat rack is my first and last stop each day I leave the house. An underrated household item, the coat rack is the best place to display your favorite jackets and know where they are (no more looking in random closets!). Check out our DIY to make your own for your stylish home. 

Large Mirror

via Vtwonen

As a former small space dweller, it's a known fact that large mirrors can help make a room seem larger. Plus, who doesn't like looking at their outfits in a large mirror? Prop one up in your bedroom by the bed or door and it'll help your space look bigger and brighter instantly. 


via Amber Interiors 

Plants are an easy and simple way to help make your home complete. If you don't have the best green thumb, opt for some cacti or air plants. If you're blessed with a green thumb (I sadly am not), try going for a Fig Leaf tree or if you live in a warmer climate, a lemon/lime tree or even a banana tree. Who knows! You may get lucky and end up with delicious fruits. Plants are an easy way to make your space more stylish plus there are tons of health benefits for having plants! 

Are you currently decorating your dream space? What are your must haves for a stylish home? Let me know in the comments below!