19 Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know

19 Tips Every Blogger Should Know

  1. Make Over!

Give your blog a make over from time to time, because who doesn't like making old things shiny and new again? Take a critical look at your blog and see what needs improvement, cleaned up, and straightened out. If you want to go that extra step, ask others to critique your blog and fix those issues as well.

2. Make Sure Your About Page is About You

You about page is the only place you can really just brag about yourself, so take advantage! Tell your readers about your brand and why they should read you. When brands look at your blog they're not only concerned with your brand and content but about you. Look through it and make sure it's strongly written and truly exemplifies who you are. See other common mistakes and how to make your about page better.

3. Organize Your Blog Labels

The longer your blog has been around the more labels/tags to describe your content is going to grow. That creates a huge mess not only for you, but for your readers. Think about dividing all your tags and labels into distinct categories so it will streamline everything. Nothing makes a reader leave your blog faster than having to dig for information.

4. Don't Let Footer Space Become Dead Space

Let's face it, we're not really concerned with footer space. We immediately latch on to the header space and that's it. But just because we're not truly looking at the footer spaces means we should let it be dead. Give your readers information like links to archives, social media, copyright information, and contact information. Here's some more ideas to make that space come alive.

5. Editorial Calendars!

I live and breathe by calendars. If I didn't have one (or my endless supply of notebooks) I would be lost in a confused haze every day. Grab a calendar (I typically use a standard desk calendar) and start looking at days you post. What do you typically post on certain days? Is there a consistent theme you use like every Monday is an outfit post and every Thursday it's a recipe? Mark out what topics go where and expound upon them. Make little notes so you don't get lost on that day. An editorial calendar also holds you accountable for your blog's content which means you can't get too lazy. You can read more of my tips here.

6. Avoid Burnout

Working as a blogger can get exhausting. Sure it's fun to be creative and write up great content for readers but we're only human and need a break. Read up here on how to prevent the dreaded burnout and how to take time for yourself.

7. Brainstorm!

If you're feeling like you're running out of ideas to post, check out these great lists (here & here) to help get the juices going again. Pinterest also has a wonderful range of topics including month long challenges to keep you going all month long.

8. Engagement

Comments are a great way for readers to truly feel connected to you. Encourage readers to comments with calls of action like questions or by following any of these great tips here.

9. Return the Favor

Commenting on other blogs not only gets your blog more noticed but you're fostering the community atmosphere that blogging is for. Finding other people through comments is a really genuine way to make some internet friends and bring you blog into someone else's world.

10. Photoshop!

Now I personally don't use Photoshop (gasp!) to get that clarity richness to my photos. Often times I take them with my iPhone and edit it using Camera+. It's seriously one of my favorite photo editing apps especially when I'm on the go. However, using Photoshop is insanely useful to do other things like creating Pinterest rich images, fun fonts, and just playing around. Here's a great tutorial on how to get that clarity to your photos.

11. Be Conscious of Your Photos' Names

Naming your photo with rich SEO words are incredibly important to getting your images seen on Google and making them more appealing on Pinterest. Here's a great tutorial on how to do so on both Wordpress and Blogger sites.

12. Know Your Copyrights

Lot's of bloggers can get themselves into a whole heap of trouble by doing one thing: using someone else's images without their permission. So what do you do when you want to share another person's image? First and foremost, always get permission. If that's not possible, use repost apps and you should always credit the image back to the original poster. I definitely don't want anyone getting into any legal trouble!

13. Branding

Branding is a huge part of being a blogger. Often times when I'm coaching others on how to increase their social media, the most common issue I see is inconsistent branding. Sit down and write out what you want projected through your brand and begin implementing that through your social media accounts and blog. Here's some great tips on branding your blog and pages.

14. Set Up Rich Pins

Rich pins are an excellent way to track your Pinterest pins and make sure that all the SEO keywords are attached to the image. Here's more information about rich pins and how to set them up with Wordpress.

15. Go the Extra Step - Set Up Promoted Pins

Pinterest has recently rolled out a new program for business owners, promoted pins. I've had great success with the program and had my top pins promoted which turned into conversions. I was able to gain new readers/views and gained new followers on Pinterest. There are still some kinks I'd like to fix and try it again, but I think it's a beneficial service for those looking to turn Pinterest users into new blog readers.

16. Newsletter

After building your readership, start offering a daily or weekly newsletter. Newsletters are a great way to keep your readers in the 'know' and build a relationship with them on a more personal letter. In order to have readers sign up, offer a free worksheet or e-book as an incentive. However, make sure that your newsletter is chock full of useful, quality driven content just like your blog is. My favorite email service is MailChimp!

17. Turn Your Blog Into a Money Machine

It's every bloggers dream to be making six figures, go away on luxury vacations, and have an endless stream of brands dying to work for you. But like every blogger out there, they had to start somewhere in order to gain that lifestyle. Here are some great ways to start making your blog work for you and turning that passive income into your true income. (1, 2, 3)

18. Taxes!

If you do achieve the dream of making money off your blog, it's important to know how to do taxes each year. That's right, you've got to take taxes out when you're self-employed. Here's a handy guide to know what to do and how at the end of the year.

19. Take A Class!

There are a ton of e-classes, books, and tutorials available for bloggers to take their blog to that next level. My favorite websites are A Beautiful Mess, Design Love Fest, and The Nectar Collective. They specializes in photography, marketing, and graphic design and all come at an affordable price!

Tell me what you think! Are any of these tips useful for you? Give me your feedback about hosting an e-course and what you'd like to see!