2017 Resolutions

I can't be the only one who's excited that 2016 is finally behind us. To start the new year off right, I'm setting up some great goals to achieve this year. 

I always say I'm going to learn a new languages and this time I mean it! Thanks to Duolingo, I'm going to be proficient in Spanish so when we travel I don't look like an ass. Do you know of any other tips to learn a language?

I love working out but keep doing the same routine. I'm going to start some HITT classes to really whip my body into shape. 

Less TV and more reading. Why did I stop reading so much? I love it! So we are stepping away from those all day binge sessions and instead picking up a good book. Any recommendations? 

Less hangovers. Need I say more? 

Keeping healthier snacks near by. I like to snack at work so I've started keeping almonds and rice cakes near by to curb any cravings. So far it's working! 

I always want to plan dinner parties and get togethers at our place but always end up going out. This year I want to dine out less and dine in more. Plus it'll make us want to get more adventurous in the kitchen! 

Save money! I'm taking on the 52 week challenge where you'll save $5000 in a year. We are looking to buy a house this year so every penny saved is going towards our dream home. 

Connecting more with friends. It's crazy how busy you become with work and life that we forget planning those little dates with our friends. This year I want to set aside once a month girl dates to catch up and spend quality time together. 

Really achieving my work and blog goals. 2017 is finally the year I feel like that big break will come. I'm going to buckle down, map out my goals and really make some big moves this year! 

What are some of your goals for this year? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!