4 Household Plants You Can't Kill

If you're anything like me, you love plants. I absolutely adore having plants around! No joke, we have a pineapple plant growing in our flat and yes, it is enormous, and yes, it will give us a pineapple at some point. 

My love for plants goes deep, y'all. 

But one thing I'm absolutely terrible at? Keeping them alive. 

If it were't for P and his super human green thumb, I would literally kill any plant that came into my life. I can't kill a cactus but I can kill anything else! 

Thankfully, I'm going to save us a lot of heartache today because I've rounded up my top 4 household plants that you can't kill, no matter how hard you try! 


Oh the trusty aloe plant! Aloe is not only a sturdy plant but it's a great plant to have on hand in your home. If you suffer from a burn or sunburn, simply cut off one of the leaves and rub the liquid inside on your burn. Not only will it keep your home looking lovely (especially in a terra cotta pot) but it doubles as a medicine. Win-win! Aloe plants need minimal water and attention so they're safe if you go away for a long weekend. 

Maidenhair Fern

First off, I'm in love with the name of this plant. It's so incredibly magical! Another thing that's magical about this fair plant? It doesn't need a lot of sunlight! The Maidenhair Fern grows on forest floors where there isn't much light which makes it an ideal plant for homes without much sunlight. 


Photo: Rebecca Lindon

Another great plant for those that like to travel, the cactus. Now I have many many cactus' in my flat. Why? Because I literally kill anything. So when I forget to water a cactus, it's ok! It can literally go weeks without water which is ideal! What I tend to do is once a month place an ice cube in the soil and let it slowly melt over time. This will help prevent any over watering which means it's even less likely to die!

Air Plants

Photo: Bethany Nauert

If even watering a plant is too much commitment for you, then you're going to love air plants. Because as you've probably guessed about these trendy plants, they literally live off of the air. That's it! Place one of these gorgeous plants in a terrarium or hang it in a clear bubble for optimum decor.  

Keeping plants in your home is an excellent way to cheaply add decor to your place and freshen the air. And who doesn't like clean air?! You can find a variety of these plants at your local hardware store. My favorite place to pick up cacti is from Ikea and Lowes! If you think even these plants are too much of a commitment, I would just go with plastic plants instead! You can find a variety of wonderful plastic plants from Hobby Lobby (and they're typically 50% off!) and they're already placed in cute terrariums!

What's your favorite household plant? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!