5 Ways to Boost Productivity

5 Ways to Boost Productivity Image via Pinterest

Oh productivity, the endless struggle. Why can't we all just be productive when we really need it and not in the middle of the night (my endless struggle!)? Regardless if it's a Monday morning or a Thursday afternoon there's nothing worse than being unproductive at work and watching the hours tick by. Which is absolute hell by the way. Well I'm here to save you babes! I've got 5 key ways to boost productivity and make sure you're tackling that to-do list and impressing your boss. So grab some coffee and let's do this!

Set Self-Imposed Deadlines

I actually do this quite a lot, even if I'm given a task by my boss that doesn't have a definite deadline. By imposing on ourselves a personal deadline can actually help us meet our goals. Try and give yourself a deadline, you may be surprised to discover just how focused and productive you can be throughout the work day.


Researchers have found that office decor, believe it or  not, actually has a fairly large say on whether we'll be productive or not. If you're surrounded by bland cubicle walls all day with no decoration, chances are you're not going to be that productive. Spruce up your space with nice mementos like pictures, sayings, or flowers then watch your productivity skyrocket!

Take Breaks

It sounds counterproductive but taking regular breaks that include stretching, walking, or just removing yourself from your computer can actually enhance your productivity. Every 90 minutes find an excuse to walk away and take a mental break. Whether that's getting more water (I always have my Swell bottle on hand!), using the restroom, or just visiting with a coworker, these breaks will allow your mind to relax and be ready to refocus when you return.

Turn Off Notifications

It can be hard in our age of technology to completely turn off notifications but sometimes you just have to turn off that email, text, Twitter alert to focus. Instead of constantly checking every ding that occurs on your phone and computer, set aside time throughout the day to check any messages. I try to have my phone flipped over so I'm not distracted by any social media notifications and it has helped immensely!

Quite Multitasking

We once thought that multitasking was the best way to complete a lot of tasks in a small amount of time. That may not actually be true anymore according to researchers. Psychologists have found that attempting to do several tasks at once actually diminishes productivity. Instead, make a habit to commit to a single task before moving on to your next project. If you find that difficult to do, simply implement the "two-minute rule". Tackle small projects you know you can do in under two minutes. This can help you focus and train your brain to only do one task at a time.

I utilize these tips in my everyday and I have seen a huge difference in the way that I manage my time at work. Plus, it'll help reduce your stress too! So not only will your boss be impressed with your outrageous output but you'll be glowing with the life of being stress free (or as stress free as you can be!). Have you tried any of these tips before? What are some that you use to keep you on track and productive throughout the day? Share in the comments and spread the love to other readers!