5 Simple Tips to Decrease Post-Holiday Bloat

Image via Unsplash

Image via Unsplash

We are well into January now but many of us haven't fully wrapped up the holidays until now. The holidays are all well and fun but you know what's not? Bloating. I have such an issue with bloating and it's such a pain. There's nothing like wearing a cute tight dress only to bloat post-meal!

Thankfully there are a few easy tricks you can use to help decrease your post-holiday bloat. I've started utilizing some of these and I'm seeing a dramatic decrease in bloating!

Slow Down!

One way to decrease you post-holiday bloat is to slow down on eating. Yes, Aunt Mary's potatoes are super good but press the brakes! The slower you eat the less likely you are to bloat afterwards. Even better, it's nice to slow down when eating so you can truly enjoy the meal.

Drink Dandelion Tea 

Tea is amazing for a number of reasons. It can help with headaches, curb hunger, lower blood pressure, and is a major relaxer! Drinking a healthy cup of dandelion tea will not only help you de-bloat but also detoxify! Skip that post-meal coffee and instead opt for a cup of dandelion tea. Another helpful tea is green tea. I like to drink it post-meal to help me not eat as much or as fast.


If tea isn't your friend, sip on some water! Sipping on water throughout the day will help decrease bloating. Also let's face it, water is the magical elixir for everything.

Avoid Excess Sodium

I don't want to join your doctor's bandwagon of avoiding sodium, but they've got a point. Not only will it help your heart's health but also your tummy's. To make sure you're not ingesting too much sodium, check the serving label on the packaging and follow their recommended serving suggestion. If you're cooking, try to not use so much salt when sauteing vegetables and meat.

Pack on the Potassium! 

Fruits and vegetables high in potassium also contain amino acids that help with bloating. So stock your fridge with fruits and vegetables like bananas (one of my favs!), mangoes, spinach, and tomatoes.

Nobody has time for bloating! By taking these easy tips and implementing into your daily diet and routine, you'll be happier and your stomach will thank you!

Do you take any steps to debloat after the holidays? I'd love to hear what you do to fight the bloat!