5 Tips for Effortless Entertaining

If there’s one thing that I love doing is hosting a party! Parties at home are a great way to bring your friends together in a warm, loving environment and have a blast! But I’m sure you’re thinking, “parties are so stressful! How can I throw one and not get overwhelmed?” Well you’re asking the right girls! Today we’re going to show you how to effortlessly throw a party, including tips to make everything run smoothly so you can be the perfect hostess.

1. Turn Your Bar Cart Into Your Bartender

  • Bar carts are all the range and if you don’t have your own bar cart, it’s incredibly easy to turn one of your pieces of furniture into it. In our case, we had a stunning gold bamboo bar cart that is simple and always ready to party! If you don’t have a bar cart, simple transform a bookshelf, table, or rolling cart into one. Ikea and Target both have some great options to choose from.

    It’s incredibly easy to turn your bar cart into your bartender. Simply display all your glasses, bar tools, and beverages on the cart. Extra bonus points if you have adorable calligraphy signs to direct your guests to each section!

    Always make sure you have backup ingredients on hand too. No hostess wants to be caught without enough champagne! Make sure you’ve got a backup bottle in the fridge and a spare bottle of any specialty ingredients on hand.

  • Shop Your Home for Decor

  • Just because you’re throwing a party doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy a million new things. Although it’s totally cool if you want to pick up a cool piece or two! Instead, let your home decor do all the talking.

    That cool vase your Aunt Martha gifted you but is collecting dust in the closet? Bring it out and place your bar tools in it!

    Got a cool picture but haven’t had the time to hang it? Well now’s the time!

    Shopping your home for your decor is a great way to bring life into everyday objects. We personally love using some cocktail glasses to hold our bar tools and white books to display our signs! Let your creativity out and see what cool setup you can create for your party.

  • Brighten Your Home with Lots of Green

  • Flowers, we’ve talked about them before and they can get pricey! Instead ditch those overpriced blooms, even if they are stunning, and instead opt for lots of greenery instead! Think palm leaves, fig leaves, and even fern leaves like we used are an easy way to add pops of color to your party. Add a touch or two of colorful flowers and you’ve got a gorgeous floral display!

    The best part of primarily using greens is that you can save some money! Which is a deadringer in our party handbook. Since you’re saving some sweet money, by-pass those grocery store flowers and use a local florist instead. You’re receiving some gorgeous displays and you’re supporting a local business’ owner’s dream. Win-win!

  • Wow Them with an Unexpected Cocktail

  • To really wow your guests, and to keep things effortless, we came up with an unexpected cocktail that was quite a surprise! Instead of serving just basic cocktails and wine, this cocktail is only 3-ingredients and will certainly WOW your guests!


    Cotton candy balls

    Splash of elderflower simple syrup



    Simply place the cotton candy balls into a glass. We suggest using coupe glasses to be extra fancy!

    Add a splash of elderflower simply syrup

    Top with bubbly!

    The change from a cotton candy ball to a gorgeous gold color is something to behold! We guarantee that your guests will rave about this magical cocktail.

  • Throw on Your Hostess Frock!

  • This is personally our favorite part of preparing for a party, throwing on our favorite party frock! If you’re having your girlfriends over, simply putting on a fancy dress makes everyone feel more festive!

    Stylists: Kelly Harrold & Liz Martin // Location: Candy Shop Vintage // Clothing: Dandy Boutique //Flowers: Flower Shop // Cocktail: One Hope champagne & Pure Fluff Co //  Calligraphy: The Town Serif //  Photographer: Rachel Red Photography // Glassware: Open Door Shop // Bar Cart: Society Social