5 Ways to Stay Motivated

image1 Blogging is hard. No, I'm not joking! Blogging has definitely (and quickly) become the primary focus for me. Every spare moment, down time, weekend time, I'm busy working on PMP to make it better, faster, and stronger. But even though I'm pouring all this time into doesn't mean I'm always full of motivation or ideas. Everyone has those days where the dream machine has quit and your brain can't crank out anymore ideas. So to combat those days, here are my five ways to stay motivated and keeping kicking ass!

Go for a walk

Get out. Go away. Step away from your computer! Over the years, even at work, I've discovered that a quick five to ten minute walk can do WONDERS for the brain. During this time I completely stop thinking about work, blogging, what have you and focus on being present and enjoying nature. Typically after these walks, I feel so incredibly refreshed and ready to tackle the projects I have momentarily left behind. This strategy is also great when you're stressed out too (there have been many walks around my building because of this!).

Appreciate the little wins

Not every blog is going to break out and instantly have 10,000 followers on Instagram and thousands of readers. But hey, a girl can dream. And it can be discouraging to see bloggers you appreciate and respect garner attention when you're left with one visitor a day. But that's better than no visitors! Celebrate the little victories that you accomplish. It's those little moments that should be appreciated and then built upon to garner even more readers. Which leads me to..

Build on your little wins

Once you've acknowledged that little win, build on it. Don't let that moment escape! Look and see why that post did better than others. For me, I've noticed my outfit and DIY posts do much better than others, so in response to that, I'm dedicating more blog time to those subjects. Because that's what people want. Another great way I've noticed gathers more readership is offering a newsletter and sharing my posts on 3-4 different sites. That many seems daunting but once you have an automatic system that uploads it to say Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, it's not as daunting anymore.

Get inspired! 

By far my most favorite way to stay motivated is to look around the internet, magazines, and around me to gather inspiration from numerous sources. I constantly carry a little notebook with me so I can jot down an idea that I can use later on. Keep your phone on you and take pictures of what inspires you! I'm often guilty of doing this in Anthropologie (thankfully they don't mind) and other stores because I'm often so taken by their creativity that I don't want to forget it. These little snapshots have helped me build and create other ideas for the blog.

Don't shy away from failure

Failure is hard. It's a tough pill to swallow when you post something that you're absolutely in love with, and watch it completely fail to reach anyone. It's happened to me before and I'm positive it'll happen again. But that's ok. Failure gives us a chance to look back and see why that particular post didn't work. Was it posted at the wrong time? Was the SEO optimized correctly? Just because one post fails doesn't mean it needs to be trashed or forgotten. Instead, fix it! Optimize it! Link back to it in other posts! There are endless ways to salvage a failed post.

All in all, never give up. Don't let little set backs, days you're unmotivated, or failures stop you from blogging or doing whatever you're passionate about. All those blogs that have millions of followers, do you think that happened in a day? No. It took years of hard work, cultivating a brand, and networking to reach those numbers. So never fear! You will do amazing things, just one step at a time.

Comment below and tell me what keeps you motivated!