6 Things to Do on Sunday to Make Your Week Better


Let's face it, Sundays usually feel us with dread of the upcoming work week. Impending deadlines, too little sleep over the weekends, and busy days can make Sundays a little stressful. Sundays are known as the day of rest, but if we spend most of that day stressed out, we aren't doing ourselves any favors. I know that I suffer from the Scary Sundays but I'm working towards not letting that happen! I've rounded up my six favorite ways that make every Sunday enjoyable and help set up your week in a positive way. 

1. Look at Your Calendar

I know it seems counter-intuitive but looking at your calendar can actually be helpful. You're already prepping yourself for what lies ahead so there won't be any surprises a few days away. I like to look at my calendar, especially when I have travel plans, so that my Monday can be spent in a productive manner. This is a great time to review your to-do list for the week as well. Are there any little tasks that you can go ahead and do now or can anything be consolidated into an easier task?

2. Meal Prep

I wish I was that person that could meal prep for an entire week. Unfortunately that's not the case but I do try to do a little meal prep. By making my lunches for Monday and Tuesday, it makes getting ready for work a little less stressful. It's especially nice to have it all ready to go in case we don't have leftovers from the previous night.

If you think meal prepping is just too stressful, why not go ahead and prep snacks and smoothies for the week? That way you can simply grab and go each day and know that you're eating something good for your body. No mid-day trips to the vending machine!

3. Tidy Up

I'm a big believer in tidying up every Sunday. Saturday mornings are usually reserved for deeper cleans, but I truly love tidying up our space on Sunday mornings. I love to turn on NPR to listen to the latest news with a coffee in hand as I make the bed, fluff our pillows, and generally straighten up the house. 

I follow a pretty simple rule for tidying up our home. If I see a mess, I simply put it all together. It takes me no longer than 30 minutes to do everything and I feel so much better about our space. 

4. Make a List (and check it twice!)

I live and breathe by to-do lists. I have a long running list of both business and personal items that I like to check off as I go along. Sundays are a great time to sit down and plan a small list on your phone or notebook of things you'd like to accomplish for the week. Mine typically have small to large tasks that need to be taken care of. 

Instead of walking into the week with anxiety, it's much easier on ourselves to sit down and write out everything we need to accomplish. That way it's more manageable and makes our Mondays even more productive. Your boss may thank you! 

5. Go to Bed

Call me an old lady, but we are typically in bed by 8 on a Sunday. I know, that's crazy! I like to spend that time watching TV with P or reading a book before bed. It allows us to fully relax and get more than enough sleep for the night. I always feel refreshed and energized on Mondays because of going to bed so early. If only we could do that every evening!

6. Relax 

This one seems like a no brainer but seriously, relax. Take an hour, take half a day, do whatever it takes for you to relax. If that means taking a bath or taking a nap, do it! Sundays are the best day for self-care and tuning your body for the week ahead. I love to take an hour nap on Sundays or going to a double yoga class for optimum health. Whatever works for you, take full advantage of it! 

I'd love to hear what you do on Sunday to prepare for a successful week! Let me know in the comments below.