9 Tips for Sticking to Your Dry January Goals

9 Tips for Sticking to Your Dry January Goals Are you doing the Dry January challenge this month? If so, good for you! January is the ideal time to start new habits and make healthy new choices for your life. I'm currently participating and loving it so far! Even though it can sometimes present its own challenges, I'm loving the new way my body is feeling. I haven't just gone sober for the month, I'm pairing it with a high intensity workout three times a week to keep my body in prime condition, and boy have I seen some great results!

If you're doing the Dry January challenge and need some tips to stay strong, I've got 9 tips to keep you going all month long.

Order a Drink - Just Not an Alcoholic One!

Enjoying food and beverages is a key component to going out with friends and presents its own unique challenges. When you're out to dinner or happy hour with friends, don't think you have to settle with water. Try ordering a soda water with lemon or lime (my personal favorite), ginger beer, or maybe finally try that cool new local soda everyone's been raving about. I personally love Cannon Bev Co when I'm out!

Sip Some Tea 

This has been my go-to since starting the challenge, especially when we're watching football at home. I've actually started picking up the habit at work during the dreaded afternoon slump and it's a miracle worker! So instead of being tempted by that cold Bud Light, reach for a delicious cup of tea or coffee instead. You may find a new favorite you enjoy!

Keep a Food  Journal

Keeping a food journal isn't just for weight loss, it's an excellent way to keep yourself accountable when you're feeling tempted. Plus if you are doing this as part of your weight loss journey or trying to cut back on carbs and calories, just think how that one beer will set you back - plus all the extra time you'll have to log in at the gym.

Embrace Non-Alcoholic Beer

Now don't judge me here, but there are actual drinkable non-alcoholic beer choices out there. No more are we stuck with O'Doul's, there are plenty of non-alcoholic beers on the market for you to choose from. Here are 7 excellent choices for you to order next time you're out with friends.

Bust a Move - Workout!

If you're like me and doing Dry January in combination with going to the gym more, use this as time to really log some hours. I've found that I'm more likely to get up in the morning and instantly have more energy because, you guessed it, I wasn't drinking the previous evening. Use that extra energy and attend a workout class you've always wanted to try!

Be a Celebrated DD

DUIs are no joke and I never condone drinking and driving. So be the hero amongst your friends and be the designated driver all January long. Not only will this save everyone some serious cash from hailing Ubers and cabs, especially when the fares are doubled, but save someone's life too. Now that's a reason we can all get behind.

Learn Some Mocktails 

Just because you can't partake in your favorite cocktail doesn't mean you can't still have it! Learn how to make your favorite cocktails sans the alcohol. I love Moscow Mules but recently learned how to make a non-alocholic version and it's delicious! If you're interested in learning some new cocktails, here's two great places (here, here).

Doing the Dry January challenge is a great way to start off the new year and make some serious changes when it comes to your health and how you view alcohol. I personally love a glass of wine when I'm off work or a cocktail when out with friends, but doing this challenge makes me more aware of what's going into my body and how it affects me.

A word of caution though - don't let anyone put you down because you are doing this. Remember how I said January is a good time for new beginnings (so cliche, I know)? Take a hard look at those friendships you have with others based on drinking. If they're beating you down because you won't drink for a month, really evaluate if those friendship are worth having and how they'll develop down the road. P has picked on me for doing this in a loving manner, and he's actually doing it himself! I've even got one other girlfriend doing the challenge as well!

Tell me what you think! Has your attitude changed at all now that you're doing Dry January and how so? Have you noticed any immediate effects since starting? I've definitely noticed I don't bloat as much as I used to (hello super skinny jeans!). Let me know in the comments below!

For those of you thinking of doing Dry January, it's not too late! If you're still on the fence, here's some great resources (here, here, here) on why it's good for you (can you say better liver function?).

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