A Big Announcement

I've been talking and promising all of you a big announcement and today is the day! Today I'm excited to announce that,

I quit my job.

Say WHAT?!

Now you may be asking yourselves, "why have you been stringing us along for something as simple as this?!"

Well I'll tell you.

It's not always that easy to quit your job and follow your dreams. Others have done it to great success but I'm not that brave of a person. Quitting a job is also a really terrifying thought and even scarier to actually do. But I knew that it was my time to leave my company and pursue my true passions in life. As I've been styling for White Haute Nights these past few weeks, I've been making connections and talking with others in the industry.

And guess what?

They listened to me, and liked what I had to say.

That's the biggest compliment I've received since beginning to work more in fashion and media. Someone actually wanting to sit down with you and listen to your ideas and visions is so incredibly humbling and powerful. It spurs on more ideas and ways to make projects happen that'll positively influence others.

So I'm leaving behind one job and jumping head first into another that will ultimately make me happy and be able to pursue what I love: marketing, media, event planning and styling. It's an exciting decision and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next coming months and years will be bring as I step into this role.