Beach Bag Essentials

Although we've been traveling an immense amount this year, I'm glad that a majority of locations we've traveled to have either a beach or pool that we can relax at in between activities. Now that I think about, we've visited a lot of great beaches this year like: 

Manhattan Beach, California
Venice Beach, California
Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island
Daufuskie Island, Hilton Head Island
Coligny Beach, Hilton Head Island
Folly Beach, Charleston (our home beach!)
Sullivan's Island, Charleston (another great local beach!)

Each of these beaches were so incredibly gorgeous and different in their own unique way! But with beach season comes the dreaded beach bag. I try to pack as light as possible but I always end up either packing too much or not enough and leaving some critical items at home. I've rounded up my absolute beach bag essentials and an easy way to make sure that they're always on hand!

Beach Tote

First, you're going to need a super cute beach tote to bring with you to the beach! I'm in love with my bag from Scout, it's roomy and it's waterproof which is ideal for long days at the beach! I can fit everything that I need for a day by the waves and not worry about anything getting damaged inside. Win-win! Even better, you can customize your Scout bag with different patterns and even monogram it with your initials!


I think this goes without saying, you can't forget the sunscreen! I'm a firm believer in using sunscreen, even on days when I'm not at the beach. I typically use 20 SPF on my face and then use 15 SPF on the rest of my body, which typically is tanning oil. 

Lip Balm

Now I might be crazy but it drives me nuts when my lips are dry at the beach! I can drink water all day but there's nothing like a good swipe of Burt's Bees to my lips to keep them refreshed and feeling great!

Turkish Towel

Keep things cool by bringing along a Turkish towel! I love mine and I make sure to bring it with me anytime that I'm at the beach. It's incredibly soft and doubles as a wrap so we can hit a beach bar or restaurant afterward. 


Along with SPF you still need to make sure your face is protected, that's why I always have a hat ready to go! 

Bluetooth Speaker

I love listening to music while I'm out at the beach. Whether its the Grateful Dead or Tycho, I enjoy listening to some easy tunes which sounds beautifully next to the waves crashing on the beach. 

S'well Bottle

A girl has to stay hydrated! Make sure your water stays cold all day long with a S'well bottle! I've been a die hard fan for some years now and for good reason. My water stays cold all day and no sand gets inside the bottle!

Cover Up

Keep things cute with an adorable cover up! 




Whenever I'm on the beach, I like to stay there all day and not leave! That's why I like to make sure that I have plenty of healthy snacks on hand! I will typically pack pretzels, cut fruit, or popcorn to have for easy snacking. 


Last but not least, you've got to have a book or magazine! I predominately get the most of my reading done during the summer. I've already read a handful of books this summer and have a few more on my list that I want to tackle! It's an easy way for me to tune out and relax for a few hours. 

Now I know this is a lot of things to remember for an easy day at the beach! But remember, I have an easy way to remember it all :). What I like to do is have a designated beach bag ready and packed at all times for us! Inside I keep things that I don't have to put away when we're home from the beach. So in my bag, I always keep my Turkish towel, sunscreen, hat, and snacks always packed. That way, all I need to do when we leave is throw on a swim suit and cover up, grab my book and wallet, and we're good to go! That way we have no excuse about forgetting things when we head out for the day! 

What's your trick for remembering things for the beach? Do you have certain items that you love to bring with you? I'd love to hear it in the comments!