Bedroom Refresh Inspiration

I'm in a mood I like to call "Kelly has the itch to redesign everything but P won't let her". Do you ever have moods like that? It usually starts to itch around springtime and once summer hits, I'm in a full blown mood to redecorate every inch of my home. This typically starts an argument in our home of, "don't waste money!" or "I like it the way it is, why do you need to change everything?!" Of course P is usually right but sometimes you just need to refresh, instead of redecorate, a room to make it feel new again. I constantly strive to live in a space that's refreshing, clean, light, and most importantly, creative. Whenever there's just too much stuff, I typically lose my mind. This could be too much clutter, mail sitting on the table for days, or even too much furniture (I know, I'm nuts) and I want to purge and start over. 

You can see how this can start an argument. 

So instead of completely redecorating our small studio apartment, I've decided to only do one room that is incredibly important to my sanity, the bedroom. 

Thankfully you can refresh a bedroom in a minimal way that can have a BIG impact on the way you sleep, feel, and think every day. I like to joke with friends and say that an 80-year old lives within me and that I would happily choose sleep over going out any day and in some weird way, it's the truth. Sleep is so important to me and making sure my bedroom facilitates that is a priority for me. 

Today I've rounded up some inspirational photos of what I'm hopefully going to turn our bedroom into. A few key things I have to note as we refresh our space: 

  • We have limited space - our room is only 8x10 so we don't have a lot of space to work with. 
  • I can't make our bed any smaller - we have a king size bed and I'm adamant every day we'd be better off with a queen but alas, I'm overruled on this every time. So the bed stays!
  • We have an open closet which I've tried with the help of Ikea boxes to keep organized and neat. However, there's still some options to reorganizing the closet to make it more functional to the space. 
  • I want to keep the color scheme close to what we have now - grey and white. However, other color options are totally ok to use! I want to stick with colors that make things calm and relaxing and make our bedroom more of an oasis rather than hectic and disorganized. 

You can see all of my bedroom inspiration posts on my Pinterest board. There's definitely a running theme of minimalism! 

The great thing about refreshing a space is that you can do it with a minimal budget. We're looking to only spend $100 and I want to allocate the majority of that spending on three critical areas: 

  • New euro sham covers - ours from Ro Sham Beaux have definitely seen better days!
  • A new duvet cover - we have a medium grey right now and I'm thinking something white or off white. Finger's crossed that Shaka doesn't ever jump on it with muddy paws!
  • New curtains for our closet - I'm totally on board with covering our closet with curtains!

If our budget allows, I'd love to get a massive piece of artwork or a headboard to put behind the bed. I think that'll help draw the eye up, rather than down at the bed or the pile of clothes on the floor.. 

Until we can buy a home of our own next year, I'm content living in our studio apartment as long as I can refresh and make things beautiful from time to time. It may kill P to see me refresh all the time, but hey, he loves me and deals with my crazy tendencies from time to time. 

What do you do to refresh your place for less? Do you have any tips on where you find your favorite budget items like Home Goods or Target? I'm fairly certain Amazon is going to be my new best friend to do all of this refresh! I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments about our inspiration for the bedroom!