Benefits of Blogger Facebook Groups

4 Benefits of Facebook Groups Hey there beauties! Yes, you! Do you ever struggle with growing your blog in an organic, truthful way? Have you been wondering how to grow your blog, e-mail list, and followings on social media but still connect with other bloggers or those within your niche?

Well do I have the answer for you!

Recently I've joined some fantastic Facebook groups that have truly helped me not only develop my blogging skills but connect with others that are trying to do the same. Now, it may sound counterproductive to join blogging groups where it seems everyone is competing but it's not like that at all. Joining a Facebook group is an excellent way to connect with other like minded people who bring their experience and expertise to the table and can help you achieve your own goals.

Since joining these groups (I'll link below!) I've not only talked to some amazing women and men but have found the solutions to problems I'd been having with my blog format, learned incredibly easy ways to grow my e-mail list, and grow my social media followers.

But what really are the benefits of joining these groups?

  1. Product Launches

Each week in my groups, we focus on those that have launched a new product or embarking on an exciting new phase in their blogging career. This is a great way to link out to your new product and get honest, constructive criticism in your market niche before releasing it to the rest of the market. This way you can make sure your product is 100% perfect and can fix any issues you may not have seen before.

2. Mentoring

Mentoring is a huge part of why I love blogging. Through these groups I have been able to dig through countless tutorials, forums, and blog posts that discuss any topic that you may have a question on. At any point during the day I can simply ask a question regarding something and it reaches 2000+ people that are more advanced than I and solve my issue in such a simple way. I've been able to connect with amazing individuals that have become like mentors to me and I'm thankful for them. They've allowed me to grow as a blogger and develop key friendships along the way.

3. Sharing the Social Media Love

Ah sharing. Sharing is caring as we all know and one of the benefits I've seen an almost immediate response from is sharing social media posts. Each day the admin of our group focuses on one of the many social media platforms out there. You simply add your own link (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and follow the rules. This typically includes following or liking 8 other bloggers on the chosen platform for that day. This has allowed me to have a huge jump in my followers but they're not just "fake followers". They are organic, interactive followers that grow my social media sites. I love this side of joining a group because I'm now following people I would have never found and thoroughly enjoy the great content they post each week.

4. Business Networking

This is by far the easiest way I've seen Facebook groups used (other than social media love and product launches) since joining a group. I've been selective in which ones I have joined for networking because I don't want to be lost in the midst of everything or join one that's not in my niche. By far my favorite one has been Freelance to Freedom simply because of the incredible interaction you receive from the other members but also the helpful tips and tools provided to help take your freelance or side job into your main source of income. This group is also great about learning how much you should charge for services and the best way for gaining new clients.  This is something I've been using recently and have seen a spike in clients (hooray!).

Joining Facebook groups has been an incredible way to interact with other like minded bloggers and others within my industry that I typically wouldn't have. I highly encourage those that are wanting to take their blog to the next level in terms of growth and engagement by joining a group. I've included my favorite groups below so you can check them out and join!

Freelance to Freedom

Blog Engagement & Promotion Group

Blogging Boost

Blog + Biz BFFs  (If you're a fan of Melyssa from The Nectar Collective, you'll love this one!)

DYOB: Blog Beautiful

*Just a side note here: although you may request to join a group, that doesn't necessarily mean you will be accepted. It is extremely important to read the rules for the group to see if you qualify or if there are extra steps to joining the group.

Would you join a Facebook group to help grow your blog? What results would you like to see from joining one?