What I'm Wearing: Black Jumpsuit

I've been writing recently about the importance of goal setting and how to radically change your 2017 year for the better. Let's all face it, 2016 was a complete and utter train wreck and we just can't let that happen again. That's why this year I'm more dedicated than ever before to revolutionize many things in my life, both personal and professionally. It's important as a person and business to grow and change. You'll be seeing some fun changes come to the Paper Meets Pearl brand starting with a logo refresh, website redesign, and refocusing the brand. Outfits will still be a huge focal point of Paper Meets Pearl but we'll be adding more fun topics to our repertoire. If you follow me on Instagram Stories you'll have seen some of those fun changes!

Now of course, how in the world can you start tackling these huge dreams and goals? Well being a fashion blogger, we start with the easiest and most fun way: clothing. I've spoken before on the importance of choosing clothes that make you feel strong, powerful, and almost super human-like. For me, that equals anything black and structured. There's something critical about those two design elements that make me feel all powerful and I can tackle any hurdle the day throws at me. This black jumpsuit, no joke, comes out whenever I have a big meeting, appointment, or someone I simply want to impress. I've made jokes before at work and to friends that it's my "bad boss" outfit. But it works! I feel a deeper confidence level than when I wear jeans or even a more colorful outfit.

I'm positively thrilled to see what this year brings. I've always talked about and desired to push everything to a whole new level and I feel like this year, it will happen. By revamping everything and making the blog more like a business rather than a side hobby helps as well. How can you possibly achieve anything if you treat everything like a passing hobby? The answer is, you simply don't achieve those goals. Now that's a thought that makes me sad!

How picture perfect is this doorstep? Can I please live here?

So I have a very simple homework assignment for everyone including myself. I want to know what your biggest goals are for this year and what you're doing to make it happen. I also would love to know what's that one outfit in your closet that makes you feel like a badass boss? Even if it's your favorite jeans and t-shirt! I can't wait to see what each day brings this year for myself and all of us. If you keep at your goals, I know that you too can conquer the world.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Wearing: Jumpsuit // Shoes // Purse // Sunglasses // Necklace 

Photography: Jennifer Collins