What I'm Wearing: Boss Babe

What I'm Wearing: Boss Babe I've got some real talk today ladies: do you have that one outfit that makes you feel like an absolute boss babe?

That's this outfit for me.

I'm talking about feeling instantly more confident, bad ass, I'm going to walk taller, going to tackle all of the tasks today, and still find time to take care of me.

That's this outfit for me.

It does all the talking for me, leaving me time to put the actions behind my words. This is the outfit I wear to tackle important meetings and win those proposals.

So what's your boss babe outfit?

What I'm Wearing: Boss Babe

I've been buying less clothes lately and when I do, buying them with purpose so I feel at my absolute best when I wear them. As I grow into my professional career and freelance business, I don't just want to look professional, I want to carry myself that way too. Remember when I spoke about Capsule by Cladwell? I used their system of creating a capsule wardrobe to buy this skirt (crazy, right?) . It's now one of my favorite skirts and I wear every time I need to unleash my inner boss babe.

What I'm Wearing: Boss BabeWhat I'm Wearing: Boss BabeWhat I'm Wearing: Boss Babe

Another aspect of using a capsule wardrobe and buying clothes and accessories is that it should last. I know it's tempting to buy those cute pleather shoes that are only $20 (I'm guilty of this too!) but if the fear of blisters and hot, smelly feet don't stop you maybe what will is that those shoes will last maybe a few months before they wear out (and your feet too).

Case in point: you see those gorgeous Zara shoes? I've had them for over three years now and they've shown a small amount of wear but they look just as good as the day I received them. The only thing I've ever needed to replace where the caps on the heels because over time and lots of walking on cobblestone streets wore them off.

That's the kind of quality I'm talking about!

Even on my most blah of days, I can throw on those bad ass kitten heels (more like tiger heels, am I right?) and feel like a million bucks.

If there's one thing I can teach you today is buy quality pieces and buy those that will always make you feel amazing.

End of lesson!

What I'm Wearing: Boss Babe

Jacket (Off Saks); Shoes (Zara); Shirt and Skirt (Forever21)

So share with me! What's the one outfit or accessory in your closet that makes you feel like an utter boss babe? Share with me on Instagram with hashtag #PMPBossBabe! I'd love to see and read the stories you have behind the clothes that make you feel amazing every day.

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