How to be More Consistent at Blogging

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Congratulations! You're here either because you've started a blog or you've been blogging for a while and seeing little to no results. First off, don't worry. Blogging can be an incredibly challenging task and feel like such a drain after you work all day, handle the kids/errands/daily responsibilities. The last thing you want to do is spend even more time in front of the computer!

Trust me, I get it.

As much as I'd love for blogging to be my full-time job, it's just not.

Many of you know that I run the marketing and development department at an animal shelter. Talk about some grueling hours and responsibilities! However, I've learned over the past two years that I've been blogging some serious lessons to keep going and be successful at blogging. It all starts with the letter C.


By being consistent with blogging you will start to see a dramatic shift in how you operate your blog and how your followers perceive you. Read on for my top tips on how to achieve consistency and be a successful blogger!

Set Goals

'Tis the season for goal setting! What better time to truly reevaluate your blog and see what you can do better than now? If you work a standard 9-5 like myself, set achievable and attainable goals for each week and month. I live, breathe, and die by my calendar. Inside of it I keep my weekly and monthly goals that I'd like to achieve. This can include growing my blog following, social media, and posts I make each week. By tracking these goals it keeps me motivated to post consistently.

Create a Plan

I've talked before about creating a plan and making an editorial calendar. I want everyone to do one small piece of homework for me. If you're serious about blogging more consistently, I want you to go to Target and pick up a small calendar. I recently bought a binder with fillable pages from the $1 section (best.find.ever!) and use it daily as my editorial calendar and as my road map to success. By having a plan, you have more time to prepare so you don't feel so overwhelmed. I typically plan a month in advance and I like to look up any fun holidays that I can center around a shoot. Because of this, I like to give myself more wiggle room so we can plan the shoot, reach out to vendors, shoot everything, and allow for editing/processing time. Once you start creating a plan and sticking to it, it'll become part of your every day routine.

Maximize Opportunities! 

Want to know every blogger's secret to more content? Maximize your opportunities to create content! This can be as simple as snapping a few pictures while you're around town and you talk about why you love your city so much. Creating content while you're out and about makes the task seem less daunting. When we shoot outfits, we try to see if there are pieces of the outfit that can go on to make it's own post thus creating more content!

Block Out Time

If there's one thing I've learned over the years is to block out time. P loves to watch football and for days that I don't want to watch, I stay home to work. Find a day that works for you and dedicate to blogging time. For me, that's usually on the weekends. Saturdays are our shoot days and Sundays are for writing days. If I have the odd night during the week with no plans, I try to squeeze in some time in there too.

Schedule Your Social

I'm sure you've heard by now how great it is to schedule out any social media posts. Well, it's true! By scheduling out all of our social media posts, we save so much time! I particularly love looking at my Facebook insights to see what's the best time to schedule out content for the week to maximize our engagement with followers. We do the same with Instagram but until they have automatic scheduling, we can at least see when the best time to post is, thus taking out the guess work.

Final Thoughts

Having a successful blog won't happen over time. However, if you continue being consistent with blogging and creating content, you can do it! It's so worth sticking to blogging and seeing where it can take you! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, I'd love to help you find your path to being a successful blogger!