How to Create a Dream Board

As a blogger or entrepreneur, creating a dream board is a great way to realize your vision and start putting pieces into place. Nothing can get more crazy than starting your own dream path in life. There's so many things and options to choose from that it gets overwhelming fast. 

I have always been a BIG fan of dream boards. They keep my vision in place and if I start to pull one way over another, I can see those changes happening. Plus, who doesn't love getting their hands dirty with some glue? 

Well today we're going to by-pass the old fashioned route (if you do want to cut up magazines, please feel free to do so!) and stick with Pinterest as our guide to creating a dream board. I'm a big fan of Pinterest because it provides so much content and can really help you creatively. Just don't get sucked down too far and miss the point of your dream board. 

Earlier this year I made a dream board with both my blog and personal goals for 2016. I have it pinned in my home and work office so I'm constantly reminded of what I want. And it works! Since I've started focusing on a dream board, I've seen an improvement in my blog traffic, social media interaction, plus I've knocked out some serious goals personally. I can run a mile without stopping and running my first 5K this weekend! 

The process of creating and dreaming can really help not only stay focused but stay truly connected to your cause. It gives you intention each day rather than treading water every day. 

So let's get started with our dream boards!

Step 1: 

Decide what your dream board will be about. It can be blogging/marketing goals, fashion, DIYS, or personal goals like fitness, finances, ect. 

Step 2: 

Start writing down your dreams! Go big or go home people! Have fun with this part of the process and don't hold yourself back. 

Step 3: 

Get your pins and board ready!

Step 4: 

Find or create images that reflect your dream well. I have my boards broken down into concise areas (that's only because I'm a little type-A!) but each dream board reflect something I want to achieve. There is one specifically for quotes that I go to whenever I'm feeling unmotivated or lost. 

Step 5: 

HAVE FUN! I cannot stress this one enough! Don't let your thoughts get too in the way with this. If you feel a certain way about a picture, add it to your dream board and keep building. That one image could lead the way to one awesome idea. 

Creating a dream board can be an excellent way to keep track of your dreams and keep yourself going. Keep it handy at all times by printing certain images out and hanging them in your home office. I love looking up at my 2016 goals written out and seeing what I've crossed out so far. It's so powerful to see how far you can go in just a year! 

Do you have a dream board or are you going to create one? What's your big goal for 2016? Let me know in the comments!