Currently Coveting: Booties

Happy 'unofficial' start to Fall! This past Monday was Labor Day which marks the unofficial end to summer. Say goodbye to white clothes, tanks, and shorts! I'm kidding of course because we're still suffering 100 degree days and I couldn't possibly fathom packing away my summer clothes. However, I can happily say that at night I can comfortably wear jeans which is AMAZING. I've missed wearing jeans which is a crazy thing to say but I really love wearing jeans! Want to know what looks great with your favorite skinnies? Booties! booties

Boot season is my favorite part of fall because I can pair them with everything I own! But with all the choices out there, how can a girl choose which one is best for her? I'm here to save the day with my tips for finding the best pair of boots for you.


It's no surprise that us petite ladies love to strut around in some heels! And that's no different for your boots. If you're on the shorter side in life, go for a boot that has a taller heel with a longer toe. If you have longer legs, go for a mid-calf cut. For those with shorter legs, try an ankle cut to elongate the leg. 


If you've got some killer athletic legs (hello track star!) may I recommend an ankle cut with a higher heel to show off those stunning calf muscles? 'Cause girl, you're going to look head to toe stunning in booties like those!


If you're part of the minority of women that are blessed with long, slim ballerina legs, can I first congratulate you? Any type of boot is going to look great on you, but if you really want to wow, go with an over-the-knee boot! These will really elongate your legs and make every sidewalk your personal runway!


If you're a taller lady, you're in luck! You can go one of two ways with boots, go low or go high. It's your choice! If you go with a heeled boot, it'll make you taller (duh) and slimmer. However, you could also go with a flat boot and let your natural tallness shine! 

Who else is ready to shake the dust off their boots for fall? Which are your favorite types to wear? Let me know in the comments below!