Currently Loving: Grid Pattern

Good morning everyone! I think I've finally got everything under control over here at Paper Meets Pearl, and it's such a relief! We've got one day to go for our big Dollhouse Magazine launch that I've been styling (you should come to the show tomorrow!) and finally got my freelance schedule back to normalcy. Thank goodness right? Today we're going to take it nice and easy with what I'm currently loving at the moment, and that's grid pattern. It's all the rage right now and completely on trend as we move away from soft summer colors and into fall's more darker, harder lines in clothing. Am I in love?


Does grid pattern speak to my minimalist heart?

Why, yes it does.

Want to see my favorite pieces?

Duh, of course you do!

That's a whole lot of yes's!

Shorts, Top, Dress

Culottes, Jumpsuit

Now I know it seems crazy to wear grid from head to toe, but hear me out now. Grid patterned clothing, unlike its stripe counterpart, won't make you look larger, it will slim you down.

That's right. Grid pattern clothing, because it's going in different directions, will slim you down.

Now I'm not hating on stripes, and love to wear them, but they can enhance your more trouble areas and look, well, unflattering. If you're a big lover of stripes like me, I've found that navy stripes do wonders compared to black stripes. Give it a try and see!

I'm loving all these looks and cannot wait for a big shopping trip in my near future. We're heading up to D.C. in two weeks and I'm planning on meeting with some girlfriends and having a full on girl day. I'm definitely going to be picking up a couple of pieces that feature grid on them. Especially those culottes! Now there's some words I never thought I'd say!

The best part about these pieces is that, although they are summer styled, they can easily be translated into your fall wardrobe. Throw on a leather jacket and booties and you'll look like one haute chic!

What do you think of fashion's newest obsession with grid? Would you wear it? Tell me below in the comments!