DIY Concrete Table

Do you always seem to need an extra surface for displaying your lovely objects within the home? Confession, so do I. Often times, I've already used up prime real estate surface area for my more favorite items (Nerd alert! It's usually books) and struggle to display other items that I truly cherish. Living in a studio apartment certainly doesn't help either. So that got me thinking and realizing, the storage solution I wanted wasn't the one I could afford. But that never stopped me. Introducing, the concrete table!

And guess what. It's $10 to make. Go out and find another concrete table for that cheap. I dare you.

You need: Quikrete 5000 Concrete Mix 1 1/4" Diameter Wooden Dowel, 48" Long 5 Gallon Bucket Clean Tap Water.

Seriously. That's it.

How to:

Cut the 48" dowel into three pieces, 16" long each. Line the inside of the bucket with newspaper, this will make it easier to remove the table later. Place three inches of concrete mix into the bucket, add some water, and begin mixing. But be careful! Don't add too much water or it'll make the concrete weak and crumble. If you do add too much water, add in some concrete mix until it resembles the consistency of cookie dough. Once mixed, tap the bucket to release any air bubbles trapped under the surface. Once all the bubbles are released, place the legs inside the bucket, about as equal as possible. The legs should stick out 1 1/2" past the bucket rim. Wait 20 hours then remove! Viola, you've got a new side table!

Honestly, I love this project. I want to make another one soon with 24" dowel pieces so it's a bit higher for the bed and maybe paint the legs. But for now, it's a perfect place for my flowers and cacti.

Tell me what you think! Would you make this project? And if so, what would you do differently?