DIY Copper and Rope Necklace

FullSizeRender I swear I think I'll never get over my love for copper, because we've got another copper DIY project up on the blog today! I love this one because again, it's super easy, affordable, and takes less than five minutes to make. Now that's my kind of project!


Rope 3 pieces of copper (I used these from Lowes: 1, 2)

That's it! The pieces of copper are all about fifty cents a piece making this project under five dollars to make! I had a ton of rope left over after making the DIY Copper Hanging Wardrobe so this was the perfect project for using some of it up (I've got another one that'll use up the rest!).


Measure out the length of rope you'd like your necklace to be. Everyone is a little different but I prefer mine to hang just below my collarbone. Make sure to leave a few inches of extra rope to tie into a knot. Slide the first straight copper tubing onto the rope, followed by the elbow piece, and finish off with the second straight tube. Tie into a knot and burn the edges a little to prevent from fraying and you're done!


It can be dressed up..


 Or down! (sorry for the silly 'selfie' style photos!)

With all this rain going on in the Low County, it's simple projects like these make the day go by that much faster. Plus it's been so enjoyable watching movies and working on little projects that'll make everyone happy.

I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday! I've been busy with events all week that come to a finale tonight, I'll be posting throughout the next coming weeks about what's been going on at PMP and ways to start getting involved. Until then, have a happy day!