25 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas

Do you ever look at your walls and just go, "Man, I'm so bored with you"? If so, let's fix that and turn our walls into another cherished part of your home! I've rounded up some of my favorite 24 creative diy wall art ideas below. The best part all of them are incredibly simple and can be completed in a day. How nice is that? Plus with the spring weather rolling in, now is the best time to give your home a much needed and loving update!

As we all know by now, I'm a huge cheerleader for diy projects, especially wall art. I recently completed a chalkboard wall that I absolutely adore! Although I rent here in Charleston it's still renter approved (although my landlord is a pretty cool dude) but make sure to check with your landlord first! But lately I've begun to feel attracted to mixed media and woven diys. There's just something so interesting about the two design elements. I especially love the Hexagon Wall and the various woven diys I've featured here.

Which DIY wall art is your favorite? Now that spring is here, would you consider doing one of these tutorials to brighten up your home? I'm definitely looking forward to revamping my walls and outdoor space (more on that later!). It's pretty safe to say, I've got serious spring fever and I think these diy wall art ideas are the cure.