How to Drive Traffic from Instagram

As a blogger, utilizing social media to drive traffic to your blog is a major way to not only attract attention but grow your following. Sometimes though, those pretty images you're posting just aren't enough. Today I'm going to show you how some simple changes can start making your Instagram followers convert over to blog readers. 

  • Sneak Peek 

  • A sneak peek picture or a 'teaser' photo can generate some serious traffic because you're giving your followers an inside look to an upcoming shoot or a behind the scenes of one that you're shooting. We utilize this frequently as we shoot new projects, styled shoots, or outfits that interest our followers. This will keep your followers engaged and more importantly, curious! Follow up with the final project  and watch the traffic flow! 

    2.  Call to Actions 

    Any good blogger knows the benefits of a good call to action, or CTA for short. CTAs are little sentences like "click the link in my bio to read!" or "click above to read more!" These little CTAs will drive your followers to click and read rather than simply scroll past to the next image. Adding your post link in your bio will help new followers go straight to your site and fall in love with your blog even more. 

    3. Highlight! 

    This is a tactic we use quite often, highlighting popular posts to drive traffic back to the site. This can be an old post to generate new traffic or another photo of a popular post. Lately we've seen a great success of both new traffic and followers on Instagram by highlighting other popular bloggers if their image corresponds to the topic. Of course, give credit where it's due! If you highlight another blogger on Instagram please tag them and credit them in the text. No one likes their work stolen!  When we posted the above picture from Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess, we got an insane amount of traffic to the Instagram post and we drove them over to the blog. People were immediately engaged with her gorgeous kitchen and curious to know what other tips we had to share about upgrading a rental kitchen

    4. Hashtags

    You may have seen throughout the post in my Instagram photos the use of hashtags. I love hashtags! These are a great way to drive traffic to both your Instagram then on to your website. I use a variety of hashtags but there are some main ones that I use each time I post. I have found these through searching what other popular bloggers use and what's trending right now. 

    5. Be Yourself 

    I've been saying this for a while now but it's so incredibly relevant in this post, always remember to be yourself. Followers can tell when you're being disingenuous or fake. Don't be that girl. Let your true self come out and the followers will come! We see a huge spike in traffic when we write meaningful posts that resonate with our followers. 

    Instagram is just a way to look at beautiful photos, it's a great way to drive traffic to your website by providing a visual peek into what you're doing and tease your readers just enough so that they're dying to see your post. Scatter some CTAs in there and you'll start seeing a new wave of traffic in no time! 

    How do you drive traffic to your site from Instagram? Do you utilize certain CTAs to do so? Let us know in the comments! 

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