Fashion Favorites: Ulla Johnson

It's no secret that I love bohemian fashion. From it's loose layers to subtle colors and textures, boho style has got to be one of my favorite trends and styles to wear no matter the season. Recently I've fallen in love with Ulla Johnson's classic bohemian style, check out my favorites below!

I love how light and airy the clothes look which is so perfect for this hot and humid weather we're experiencing here in Charleston. It reminds me of a far away beach vacation. All I need is one of these gorgeous dresses and a cocktail in hand!

Have I also mentioned that it's raining cats and dogs here too? The rainy season is upon us and of course, I have no rain boots to wear. I can't help it that all I have are heels, flats and sandals! Until then, I'll just walk very delicately around so I don't end up completely soaked until all this is over.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and staying dry! What do you think of Ulla Johnson's collection? Would you want to wear it?