The Simplest Way to Find Your Niche

I'm so thrilled to welcome Angelise from The Danyelle Agency back to Paper Meets Pearl! Today she'll be sharing some serious words of wisdom about finding your niche. If you're struggling to find your place in the blogging world, Angelise's post will provide you some great insight on finding your niche and becoming a great blogger!

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When building a successful business it’s important to hone your time and energy on finding people who will actually buy your product. You will learn very quickly that you can’t be everything to everyone. You can spend days searching for the right products and make a zero profit for 3 months like I did. Or you can build a customer base that has a specific need in order to build your inventory around the demand of your niche. It all comes down to this one decision.

It is so essential to choose a target market that you can serve and will listen to on a consistent basis. When I started my online fashion boutique, Sunny Love, I was so sure that people would naturally buy the products that I posted on my website because I was so confident in my fashion taste. I would only be met with disappointment weeks later when I still had 100 quantities of inventory still sitting in my tiny dorm room at the time.

I had not solidified the “Who” of my business and if I had not learned fast, my business would have gone downhill. I knew that my business was not for everyone and you should know that too. Common sense would tell a person that the more people who know about your company, the more sales you will get-EHHH!! WRONG!!

Trying to market to everyone will have an adverse effect and you will see your company decline very quickly.

Besides, it’s much easier to appeal to a small group of people than it is to please everyone. Imagine having ten boyfriend/girlfriends at one time and trying to keep each person happy. It’s nearly impossible because each person is different and you’ll spread yourself thin trying to please each one adequately. This is why most people with a brain ( and morals) choose ONE significant other and devote their time and energy to that one person.

So you have your idea of what you want to sell whether that’s a product or service so now you need to figure out how that will be needed or wanted by a certain somebody.

For example: Closet Organization + Business Moguls = Closet Organization for Business

Now how would I find my customers? I’m glad you asked.

Now that you have specified who your customer is you can be better prepared to market to that specific group of people. When you think of business mogul, you think of someone who is on-the-go majority of the time and doesn’t have time for the minute and mundane things in life. Here’s where YOU would come into play. Where would this person be spending their time? Oh, I don’t know, I’d say the dry cleaners, or Starbucks, or at a 4-5 star restaurant for lunch. I’ll also bet that they don’t go to these places once a week.

NO! They are going there 3-4 times per week which increases your chances of getting them to be your client.

You know what most CEOs and business moguls have in common? Routine. Over the next few days pay close attention to how your boss operates. Not your direct manager but the big boss. You’ll begin to notice that they do variations of the same things every week or even every day.

Notice what I am doing here? I’m looking at who my potential customer is and breaking down every single step of their day, week, month in order to analyze the best opportunity that will make them choose me. Some people use priming to do this which influences a person’s potential to react to a specified stimulus after being exposed to a previous stimulus.

Have you ever wondered why you were randomly craving ice cream in the middle of a blizzard? It couldn’t be because you just need some you time in -30 degree weather. It may be because you saw that dreamy Baskin Robbins commercial two days ago that showed you 30 seconds of cascading, creamy vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and caramel sauce oozing from its cup.

This is the key reason of why we need to KNOW our customers like the back of our hand. Because from there, it’s all easy peasy!

Even though you may not buy that cup of ice cream immediately, you’ll eventually feel the need to give yourself a treat and when that time comes, your brain goes back and looks at your previous thoughts and thinks Ooh! Ice cream sounds good right about now.

When you know exactly who your customer is, you can align your business to best fit the needs of that group of people. You know exactly what your business can offer them and how it will be most beneficial.

From here you will create a strong relationship between your company and your customers because they will appreciate your service or product and come back for more.

Now if your company stands within a saturated market, this is where you need to incorporate your YOU-NESS. Nobody does exactly what you do because you are a unique being. So ditch the weeks worth of brainstorming creative marketing strategies. Just be you! Trust me there are thousands if not millions of people out there that can relate to and will appreciate your unique touch.

It’s so simple.

No one else is exactly like you and no one thinks like you do. This is why it’s important to be passionate or at least somewhat interested in your business because your personality shines through your business like none other.

If you have gotten this far in this blog post then that means you are actually serious about starting and maintaining a profitable business. Thanks for being here! :)

I would love to hear more about your entrepreneurial journey and how I can help you be great!

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Angelise Danyelle