Floral Maxi


Y'all this is the face of one very happy girl! I cannot begin to express the amount of happiness that's currently in my life right now. I've been working with a few new photographers (which you can see on my Instagram), I've been working on some fun new projects that will be released this fall, and we're currently buying a house. 

Life is good y'all, really good. 

I'm so incredibly thankful that all of these blessing have come into my life lately. After working on my blog for the past couple of years (we're turning 3 next year!), it finally seems like it's all coming together which is so incredibly thrilling. I'm picking up more freelance clients and P and I couldn't be happier about merging our lives together. We're even talking about merging our car insurance and phone plans together! 

Before I dive into talking about this gorgeous dress, I just want to say thanks. Thank you to everyone who's been on this wild ride for the last two and a half years, for those that have supported me since day one, and for those that are willing to take a chance on me and my crazy ideas. It's truly inspiring. 


Now that I'm done being mushy, let me tell you about this gorgeous floral maxi dress. I've spoken before about my newly found love for maxi dresses and it certainly hasn't stopped. This flowing dress is the perfect summer to fall transition dress and it's so light, you hardly feel like it's on! August is one of our hottest months here in Charleston and this dress makes it bearable to be outside and stay cute and fashionable. Because no one likes being outside and look like a hot sweaty mess. 

Trust me, I know this life all too well. 

I feel so incredibly sexy and gorgeous in this dress with minimal effort. I've never been a girl who wears a lot of makeup or takes more than 30 minutes to get ready, but this dress makes me feel like I've dolled myself up in no time. Now that's my kind of dress! 


Another thing I love about this dress is the print. Leaf prints have been all the rage this summer and there's no stopping it! Leaf prints are making their way into fall by adding darker hues and leaves to the prints. It's such an easy way to look trendy by wearing darker floral and print leaf patterns. In order to make this dress more 'fall ready', all you need to do is throw on a leather jacket and call it a day! I can already imagine how cool this look will be once I'm able to wear a leather jacket again. 


Oh and did I mention the high slit on this dress? Because it totally has one. Hello sex appeal! This was my first high slit maxi dress and I'm a fan! It was so fun dancing and letting the wind whip the dress around. Plus, when you walk in a slit maxi dress, this sort of strut comes out in you. You just can't help but walk around like it's your own catwalk. It's like it enables you to have the confidence of a supermodel even when you're only 5'7". 

If you're looking to update your wardrobe for fall, you can shop all my favorite fall floral wrap dresses here. Each dress is under $30 which is such a steal! Your closet will thank you! 

Wearing: Dress / Shoes / Bag
Photography: Nicole Mickle