Gift Guide: Manly Man Edition

Gift Guide: Manly Man Edition

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Can you believe that Christmas is only two and a half weeks away? I wrapped up all my shopping over the past weekend and I'm so glad it's finished! Now all we have left to do is decorate the house and begin wrapping presents - which, oddly enough, is my favorite thing to do. In case you're still scrambling to find gifts for those in your life, may I recommend some of the above items? This list is perfect for that manly man in your life that loves the outdoors, writing (or just pretending to be the next Hemingway), and drinking a good glass of bourbon. Which by the way, Virgil Kaine is my favorite bourbon. It's smooth, incredibly delicious, and is made right here in Charleston. So if you're looking to support a local business, they've got an amazing product that will wow any bourbon aficionado on your Christmas list.

I hope everyone is wrapping up all their gifts this week so you can enjoy all the holiday parties! We've got three alone next weekend but we're going to try and get away before the holidays really hit and we drive to Washington D.C. We're thinking New York City for a short weekend getaway, does anyone else have any suggestions? P's  never been and I just can't let him live his life like that! We're also looking at a short stay in Asheville so we can witness some kind of fall, Charleston just doesn't believe in it this year.

What are some of your favorites on this list? Are there some catching your eye that you'd give to a family member or friend? Let me know in the comments!