How to Grow Your Business Using Instagram Business

Image via Unsplash

Image via Unsplash

Have you heard the good news? Instagram has finally allowed its users to use analytics and see their posts' reach and engagement much like Facebook and Twitter analytics. I personally am very excited for this new update to my favorite social media app! 

But you must be asking yourself, "how does it help me and how can I use it to grow my business?" Well you're in good hands because I'm going to show you how to utilize Instagram business for your small business and how to capitalize as a new marketing technique. 

First, if you haven't already converted your Instagram account into the business account, I highly recommend doing so. You simply go into your settings and click "Switch to Business Profile". You must make sure you're using the latest Instagram update so you can do this step. Follow the simple steps to converting into your new business account and you'll be all set!

The new Instagram Business feature it great for now discovering which posts are best for your followers, what times, and what type of engagement is best for your business. You can see these insights by click the bar graph icon. We see a big jump in engagement on our Instagram page when we post fun Boomerang videos and behind-the-scenes shots of upcoming shoots. This has been such a helpful tool to see when we should post and what type of posts our followers like best! 

The best part of the Instagram analytics? You can see optimal times for posting! No more guessing what times are best for your followers and reaching peak engagement, Instagram Business shows you all this information! This piece of information is perfect for small business owners. For small business owners, people can now get in touch with you faster by clicking the contact button on your profile page. This can be linked to your website, email, or phone number so you can be reach with questions, requests, or a simple hello! 

By utilizing Instagram Business' analytics, you can use this another marketing tool in your toolkit. We LOVE tracking our social media improvements and these numbers are great for showing potential brands what your account is capable of. If you're like us and use a media kit to approach PR companies and brands for collaborations, you can now show hard proof of how well your content does. 

Another great feature of Instagram Business is the sponsored ads. These have been around for some time and many large companies have been using them for a number of months. They have recently been made available for small business owners and offer a new way to reach potential clients and customers. You can set your budget, pick your demographic, and track how well your ad is doing. We can't wait to test out this new feature! 

Instagram Business is a huge step for small business owners to truly see their impact on Instagram. We are so thrilled to finally have concrete numbers at our disposal to see what does best with our audience, what times, and how to gain new followers.

Let me know your thoughts! What do you think of the new Instagram Business feature? Have you tried using it and what results have you seen so far?