Guest Post // How I Started My Business with $200

How I Started My Business with $200 Today I'm sharing a guest post from the fabulous Danyelle of The Danyelle Agency! If you've ever wanted to start your own boutique, today's post is for you! Danyelle is going to share how she went from a dream to a boutique in one week and for only $200! Take it away Danyelle!

When thinking of starting an online fashion destination, I thought that things would be too hard or that there were too many steps to take. I was convinced that I wasn’t ready and didn’t have enough money to start my business right away. I knew that I couldn’t keep depending on a paycheck from these lousy jobs but I had no idea on where to start. It wasn’t until I became so fed up with my job that I decided to quit and immediately registered my domain name and sought out to purchase my business license the next day.

It was out of frustration and anger that I started my business because I figured, Hey, what do I have to lose? I’m a junior in college and I’m not getting any younger. Enter Sunny Love. My own fashion company that allowed me to have creative control over the company brand and contribute my small portion of awesomeness to the fashion industry. I wanted to do things my way and do the things that made me truly happy. It was time for me to make my own dreams come true instead of applying and interviewing to fulfill someone else’s.

Most people think that this magical swoon of energy will come over them when they’re ready to take the leap. I’m here to tell you not to hold your breath.

There’s a lot of glamour and shine to the life of a fashion store owner, but ultimately, a business is a business. Over the past several months I would learn the most valuable lessons ever and become such a changed person who can go from zero to one hundred just like that. The motivation of independence and freedom helped me launch my business in less than 60 days.

Here’s how I did it.

Week 1

­Bought my website domain $10

­Registered business license $125

Week 2

­Bought my merchandise $30

Week 3

­Had a photoshoot of the merchandise(and FAILED): $0

Week 4

­Solidified online commerce platform: $30

Week 5

­Edited and tweaked website design: $0

Week 6

­Reshot merchandise: $0

­Marketing Strategy Launch:$0

Week 7

­More editing and tweaking of website:$0

Week 8

­Completely changed my entire website platform and redesigned the entire website in two days (basically had to start from scratch two days before launching) :$0

­Aaaaannnd.. we launched!!!

Total Spent: $195

Looking back at that process, I always think to myself, I wonder how things would have turned out if I could reach into the future and have my current self be a mentor to my former self. I would have been popping out businesses like babies. Just took me 60 days and $200 to launch my first business. Now I can make $200 in 60 seconds..literally! And I’m not spewing out these facts to sound braggy but I think the transformative period that has occurred in my life over the last 8 months has been incredulous.

I honestly cannot believe that my company is coming up on its first year of being a SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE business. I used to read all of the articles that would say “Majority of startup businesses will fail” when really it’s not the people who fail it’s the fearful mindset that fails people.

Some people always ask me how I’ve become successful at making REAL money online the answer is simple.. QUALITY. Not hard work. Not sleepless nights. But quality. When you have a business online, people are naturally more skeptical of what you’re offering because they can’t use all of their senses to identify its value. I make sure that everything that I do exceeds the expectations of my customers and I treat them like kings and goddesses. It took me a while to catch onto this valuable lesson as I was staying up late, waking up early, running around town trying to flip a profit when that game did not give the biggest pay off. I would always watch those motivational videos on YouTube and think that “Oh! This person is telling me that I need to work 14 hour days. Maybe that’s how you become successful”. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. You work 14 hour days when you’re so high off of creative energy that you don’t want to stop for fear of losing momentum.When you give people something that they can value, you will always receive more than what you give.

I’ve had so many people ask me how did I turn my business into a profitable money­ making machine so I decided to compile all of my knowledge and put it into one place­­ The Ultimate Boss Guide email course. I thought back to the days when I struggled with how to make a website or where to source my products and I think it’s quite laughable how much time I spent stressing over something that could be done in seconds. Back then, I wished that there was a comprehensive guided that would give new and struggling business owners the information that would catapult their careers­­­ well here it is in the digital flesh. Two years of knowledge and experience compacted into 5 weeks of loaded entrepreneur goodness.

If you’re ready to stop making excuses and build your empire let’s get started.


Angelise Danyelle

Thank you to Danyelle of The Danyelle Agency for this great article! If you've ever wanted to start your own business, this is a great model to go by. It's cost effective and customizable for anyone. Have you ever wanted to start your own online boutique? Let me know in the comments!