Home Inspiration: Office Spaces

This week's home inspiration is office spaces! Lately, P and I have been speaking more about moving in with each other at the end of May when his lease is up. Pretty exciting right? I'm really happy to be taking an exciting step in our relationship and has got me thinking about office spaces. I live in a pretty small space as I've mentioned before and an area dedicated to working is high up on my priorities these days. Why is that you ask? Mainly because blogging is starting to become more than just a side project and P has the SC Bar coming up this July. So finding a place to not only serve as an office space but also fit into my studio is kind of a challenge.

As I researched (a.k.a Pinterest) small office space design I was not disappointed! I've included some of my favorite designs that I found. I really love how unique many of these spaces are, especially those inside of closets! So smart! I have a really gorgeous blue chalkboard wall that I think his desk would look wonderful in front of.

What do you think? Do you have any comments or suggestions how to create a small office space? Would you want to see a post on my studio? Comment below!