Hot in Savannah

It feels amazing to be back on the blog again! We’ve been running around the country like crazy these past few months so that explains why I’ve been so MIA on the blog lately.  No joke, since April, we’ve gone to 6 states, 3 weddings, and have had family from all over the country to come and visit us. So I’m not kidding when I say, we haven’t had a moment to ourselves since all the madness started 3 months ago!

I’m so thrilled to be back home and getting back into my normal routine like exercising daily, eating super healthy again (y’all, airport food and family functions killed me!), and of course, writing on here regularly! We just had our last weekend away from Charleston and went to Hilton Head Island for the past week to spend time with P’s family and we decided to take the opportunity to head into one of my favorite cities, Savannah! I’ve gone to Savannah a number of times and covered it here on the blog, but it just doesn’t do it justice! It’s a sister city to Charleston but it’s so different and unique than our quaint little city. It echoes more of the past and the architecture is so similar to New Orleans than of Charleston’s great homes with their double porches.

Every time we visit Savannah, we always have to stop in at my favorite store, The Paris Market! The Paris Market is a delightful French inspired store that carries the best macaroons, pastries, and coffee beverages on the first floor. But if you take a moment to walk around the store, you’ll find home goods and jewelry all made locally in Savannah and if you go downstairs, you’ll find some incredible home décor finds! It’s not your standard French inspired goods at all. Rather, it’s eclectic and has a more gothic vibe to it than French, which is rather fitting because Savannah has such a Southern gothic feel to it.

Since Savannah is similar to Charleston in heat and humidity, I had the perfect outfit to wear, this gorgeous romper! At first look, it seems like a dress. But once you look closer, it’s actually a wide legged romper that’s so comfortable to wear in this awful heat! I absolutely love how bright and bold the leaf pattern is and so glad that it’s red rather than green. Once I bought it from Zaful last month, I was so smitten with it and wanted a good occasion to wear it to. Where else than Savannah!

During our time in Hilton Head Island, we took a ferry to Daufuskie Island where Spartina 449, one of my favorite stores, originated from! I found this adorable clutch that says one of my favorite sayings, “Oh my stars!” from Scarlett O’Hare in Gone with the Wind. P insists I’ve never said this phrase in my life, but what does he know 😉 It’s the perfect accessory for this fun romper and it’s what every Southern girl needs!

I’m so excited to not have to travel again for another few months. P and I need some serious down time from traveling and getting back to the basics. We do have some other fun trips for weddings planned in the fall but for now, I’m content staying at my own beach and not running off to another place for quite some time! Plus, we may have another reason to stay home and to save money, but for now, that’s going to be a secret 😊. I can’t wait to potentially share some exciting news developing for us but for now, we’ve got to sit and wait!

The best brunch in Savannah, Treylor Park! You won't want to miss this amazing restaurant located along the riverside walk. 

The best brunch in Savannah, Treylor Park! You won't want to miss this amazing restaurant located along the riverside walk. 

What fun summer plans have you had so far? I’d love to hear about all the fun places or things you’ve done so far this year! It’s crazy to think that July is already here and we’re a mere 5 months away from Christmas. Where has the time gone?!

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