How Tech Manages My Life

IMG_1792 I love technology but I'm also a late bloomer. It took me ages to jump on Facebook and Instagram and even longer for Twitter. I just got a Twitter account specifically for this blog and even then it feels weird to broadcast my thoughts to an audience of readers. But hey, it's what we fashion bloggers do. But now a days with my go-go life and just keeping up with everything happening, technology has seriously saved me. I have alarms set for everything on my calendar, I've got apps to track my savings, and even more apps to help with the photography for Paper Meets Pearl. I can't even imagine how we got by even ten years ago without smart phones! But that's the great part of technology. It makes our lives so much easier to handle and free up time for more important things like family, friends, and hobbies. Here are the various tools that help me manage my crazy world:

Instagram: This is the best place to start for me. Not only do I use Instagram to post photos of outfits, day to day activities or small captured moments, but it's also been a great tool for reaching new readers and networking with local bloggers in the area. I've found some fantastic contacts through Instagram by simply tracking various hashtags that I personally use.

Bank Apps: What I wouldn't do without my various bank apps! They help me keep track of my spending (especially for my credit card) and help put away a certain percentage of my paycheck each month into savings. I'm definitely a big saver type gal. Anytime I can put away a few dollars here or there each day, I am over the moon! If there's one thing I can teach everyone is save. It's not that hard especially with apps like Mint where you can customize how much you save either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Camera+: Now I don't have a DSLR camera yet, but it's something I'm saving up for and would love to have in the coming months. However, for those of us that aren't just quite ready or unwilling to drop a few hundred on a camera, let me recommend Camera+. For only $3.99 in the iTunes store, it's seriously the best app I own to touch up photos. It acts much like a regular DSLR but also gives you the capacity to touch up photos. It's the only app I've ever bought and I'll never get rid of it!

VSCOcam: VSCOcam is another great photo app that lets you put great filters on your photos unlike the ones provided by Instagram. It's definitely one of my favorite apps when I want a picture to have a more "cozy" feel to it that I typically can't create with a standard editing app.

Venmo: Another great bank type app that I recommend everyone try at least once. Venmo is a money sharing app that allows you to easily transfer money from one person to another without any major fees. This app has come in handy so many times when out to dinner with friends or paying each other back for various activities. It's also great for roommates to split their household bills.

Balanced: I'm a naturally deposed person to worry. I try and control it through yoga and meditation and often times that works. But like most things in life, it's hard to control all the time. Balanced is a great app to remind me to take a moment to stretch, check in on myself, and find time to release the mind. For those that are naturally anxious, worry-warts, or just need help finding breaks, this is the app for you.