How to Arrange Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful creation that can make anyone happy and any home come alive. There's no surprise that here at PMP headquarters that we have flowers in vases all around. It keeps things so light, airy, and colorful! Now there is one downfall to buying store bought flowers all the time, they aren't always arranged the prettiest. Never fear though! Today we are going to show you how to create the perfect flower arrangement that'll fool your friends into thinking they were professionally made. 

Let's get to it!

Materials: – various flowers – vase – one block of oasis

Tools: – floral shears – knife

The flowers we are using today are: 

1. Tulips 2. Peonies 3. Dusty miller 4. Roses 5. More roses! 6. Scabiosa 7. Wax flower 8. Flowering quince 9. Freesia 10. Jasmine 11. Ranunculus 12. Stock

Before you start arranging flowers, you'll need to prepare your vase. Soak the oasis in water until it is fully saturated. Then cut it down to size with your knife. It's okay if it doesn't completely cover the bottom of the vase. Now fill your vase about halfway with water. 

Next you'll need to trim down your flowers. Remove the leaves and cut the stem at an angle. If you're cutting a branch, you can make a snip in the stem to help it absorb water. 

Begin adding to the flower arrangement by adding branches and other "fillers" like baby's breath or dusty miller for a more rustic look. 

After adding your filler flowers, time to start adding your focal flowers. These are the blooms that will stand out and will be the most eye catching. The best overall rule is to add focal flowers in odd groups (think 1, 3, 5 ect). So if you want to add peonies and roses, use an odd amount, never even. Make sure that you group your flowers together so you don't have that odd "polka dot" look to your flower arrangement. 

After add all your base flowers, focus flowers, and fillers, your flower arrangement should be complete! This is also an opportunity to look at the arrangement overall to make sure it looks good to you. Allow the flowers to flow in their natural direction and place them in the vase accordingly. To find the flower's natural flow, simply hold it up and see which way the vine twists and turns. 

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And there you have it! Now your store bought flowers will look as if a professional florist did them. If you really want to get crazy, go outside and pick up some branches to add to the flower arrangement or even some random spring blooms. We have some gorgeous purple bell flowers growing around the house and I can't wait to put them in a vase alongside some other flowers. 

Are you looking forward to having some spring flowers in your home? Would you want to create your own flower arrangement? Let me know if you do! I'd love to see your creations!