How to Beat the Holiday Blues

How to Beat the Holiday Blues The Holidays.

One moment you're excited with anticipation of seeing family, friends, and receiving gifts.

The next you're nervous, anxious, and maybe dreading holiday travel or seeing family you don't necessarily get along with.

Then you're right back on top with energy.

It's a roller coaster this time of year and it can quickly drain us. On top of checking our Christmas lists, attending and hosting parties, and traveling to see family, the holiday season sometimes doesn't seem so cheerful. For myself, and I'm going to get real here, I honestly dread the holiday season.

That's right. I don't exactly look forward to Christmas.

Until that is last year.

The reason is because I don't have a strong family unit. We are scattered across the country and by family divorces. I haven't had a comprehensive family Christmas in probably 10 years. Instead I've attended mismatched holiday gatherings via Skype or by receiving a simple phone call. Most holidays I spend one day with my mom and I run off to travel.

The holidays makes me jittery, anxious, and depressed. I spend most of my days teetering between sheer excitement and utter despair.

So what changed?

I started taking care of myself when I started feeling that creepy, bluesy feeling. The holidays affect us all in various ways but never should you go through them feeling depressed or anxious. Here are four ways to make sure the bah humbug doesn't bite and instead you can be festive and full of good cheer (from now until January 1).

  1. Make a List

I love lists. I make one every day when I first get to work and even throughout the day so I stay on track. When you're starting to feel down, write down what exactly is not making you happy. Are you dreading Aunt Betsy's "famous" fruitcake or just overwhelmed with the amount of gifts you have to buy? See what can be temporary fixes and what you can work on to overcome. That way it makes things feel less overwhelming and you have a clearer picture of everything.

2. Keep Up the Self Love

What is the one thing you do that makes you feel happy? Is it a bubble bath with wine? A little sweet treat (which is every where right now BTW) or by exercising? Even if it's putting on your favorite pajamas and dancing it out to some guilty pleasure tunes, do it! Up the self love game by treating yourself to some loving. I personally hit the gym more and practice more yoga. It helps me feel centered and makes me realize that my problems are minute compared to everything else.

3. Get Your Rest

Now as you all know I love sleep. It's my favorite thing (aside from P) to do and well, researchers agree. If you're feeling down or bad about the holidays, take a nap! Lots of rest benefits us in tremendous ways like being more optimistic, energetic, keeps up your immune system, and a whole slew of others! So if you're feeling the bah humbug feeling, go take a nap!

4. Enjoy Yourself

All in all the holidays are about being with those with love. Even if your pie burns in the oven, your gifts don't arrive on time (thanks Amazon), and you've got to endure Aunt Betsy's "famous" fruitcake, enjoy it. Don that glittery dress and pour yourself another glass of champagne baby because you deserve it. Just make sure to get back on the fitness game after the holidays!

This year I'm going to continue taking care of myself so I don't let the bah humbug bite me. I've been going to more hot yoga and spin classes (which is doing wonders for my body and mind, double win!) and taking the time each day to not feel overwhelmed by things. If you're feeling down about the season, reach out, I'd be happy to lend an ear and a helpful piece of advice or two.

I do hope you all have the best holiday season with your loved ones. Share your comments with me below!