How to Throw the Perfect Picnic

It's no surprise that spring is one of my favorite times of the year. The days are growing warmer (or in our case, boiling hot with a dash of humidity), the sun is out longer, and everyone wants to be outside. My favorite place to be! So it was obvious we needed to do one thing over the weekend, through a picnic! But not just any picnic, oh no, that's now how we roll folks. The perfect picnic with the best vegetarian food, accessories, and friends. 

Throwing a picnic is incredibly easy to do and takes no time at all to put together! Things are even easier when you have your meals delivered to your home each week with Green Chef. I know there are many other home delivery companies out there but I'll tell you why I prefer Green Chef over everyone else: they're incredibly easy to work with and they have the most choices when it came to vegetarian dishes.

I mean, how good does cous cous with crushed cauliflower and kabobs sound? 

Heavenly, that's what. 

Here's what you need to throw your own perfect picnic: 

Raid Your Linen Closet 

Of all things I'm guilty of buying, it's pillows and blankets. I just can't help myself whenever I find a cute one! But if you're anything like me, you use it a few times, throw it in the linen closet and forget about it. Give your beloved blanket new life by taking it out of the closest and using it as your picnic blanket. I love my white one and no, it did not get filthy or stained (hooray!), and it's so soft and comfortable to sit on. 

See all those great pillows on your couch and bed?

Throw those in the bag because they're going outside too!

No one likes to just sit on the ground all day. Scatter them around the blanket so you can lie back on them and catch some rays as you relax. 

Cook a Small Feast  

Just because you're throwing a picnic doesn't mean it has to be a one-woman operation. Gather your friends and have everyone contribute a dish! We loved the meals sent over by Green Chef! They were delicious, light yet filling, and provided enough for me and my girlfriends to share. Plus it offered a new variety of dishes that none of us had thought to cook before. I am now obsessed with Greek yogurt dressing and put it on a lot of dishes now! 

Tiffany crafted an absolutely delicious cheese plate that looked so picture perfect. Spice up your cheese plate by bringing along new jams and spreads that really bring out the flavors of the cheese. I don't think I can ever eat cheese without jam again!

Break out the Tunes

Cap off your picnic with creating that perfect playlist! Summer time is the best time for music, I mean, have you heard Justin Timberlake's new song? It just oozes summer! So grab your favorite Spotify playlist and enjoy your favorite songs as you relax outside with friends. We love the mini radio set from Sunny Life! Not only does it pick up your local radio stations, but it includes a hidden AUX cord where you can hide your phone and still play music. How cute is that?!

How cute is this pineapple cup?!

Getting together with friends and having a picnic is easier than ever! You essentially have everything at home which in my book is a win-win. Plus I have very exciting news to share! If you want to try Green Chef, you can get your first 4 meals free. 

That's right. 4 meals for free

Simply follow the link here and you'll be on your way to enjoying their excellent home delivery service and eating some wonderful meals! I have loved every single one of the meals we've had so far, especially the portabella mushroom warm grain bowl! 

Get Your 4 Meals Free Here!

Do you like throwing picnics? Let me know your tips in the comments below! I'd love to know your thoughts on Green Chef and their amazing meals, please share with us! 

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Styling: Kelly Harrold // Food: Green Chef // Cheese: Trader Joe's // Turkish Towel: Charleston Weekender // Radio, Basket, Pineapple Glass: Sunny Life (via Dandy Boutique)

// Pillows: Target + Ikea // Dinnerware: Ikea