Ideas For A Better Wardrobe

closeth Clothes are amazing aren't they? No matter what mood you're in, there's always some kind of clothing to fit your mood. Feeling tired? Sweatpants! Feeling happy? Dress it up! The possibilities are endless! However if there's one crutch for loving clothes, it's finding a wardrobe to fit it all in. Now it's especially tough with my small space to fit all my clothing plus shoes and accessories and still look neat and tidy. It's almost an impossible situation. But over the years as I've matured in my style and found what works best for me and my body, I've discovered that less is worth so much more. Here are a couple of ideas that have helped me sort through the messes and organize all my clothing.


The One In, One Out Policy 

This policy is probably the easiest for most people to adopt. I know personally, especially as a child, I've always felt somewhat guilty for having too much stuff. Even at a small age, when I received something, I immediately wanted to give something else away to make room for my new toy. I'd like to think that that characteristic has followed me into adulthood. Hence the One In, One Out Policy. For each item you buy/receive/gift, you must take out that many items from your closet. So simple! This method has really helped me reign in my closet, especially when I was moving around the country for a time.


The Capsule

This one is really popular with most fashion bloggers, and for good reason! The best way to describe a capsule collection is "a collection of carefully selected items that work together to meet your style needs for a given period of time".  Ever since creating my copper hanging wardrobe (tutorial coming soon!), I've completely utilized this in two ways: as functional art and my capsule wardrobe. I have only the basic shirts and dresses hanging there that I not only use each week for work/social events/life but it also helps me see what clothing I actually use each season. I'm a firm believer that clothes should bring you joy. Whenever I begin to notice that a certain article isn't bringing me as much joy anymore, I place it in my sell pile to take to a consignment store. That way it's no longer taking up space in my closet and I can focus more on articles that bring me true joy. The capsule wardrobe is also great for those attempting a more minimalist lifestyle, something I'm a firm believer in as well.


The French 

The French is really similar to The Capsule wardrobe. Basically you follow the simple rule of, buying no more than 5 new pieces each season. This idea stems from that your style evolves slowly and intentionally without buying into "fast fashion" and buying pieces with purpose. That means less money wasted and gaining more pieces that will add purpose to your wardrobe. I'm not totally sure if I could do this wardrobe but I'd love to challenge myself for next season and see if I can. But overall it's a great wardrobe to have especially if you want to learn what your style is.

Which of these do you like the best? Would you be willing to challenge yourself at start paring down your wardrobe? Chim in the comments below!