What I'm Wearing: Faux Fur Vest

Do you know what's the most difficult thing about winter? It's not the snow, or freezing temperatures. It's staying stylish as you brave the winter cold! It's a struggling every day to find clothing that'll keep you both stylish and warm as the temperatures drop. If there's one item in my closet that helps keep me warm and stylish this winter, it's this fabulous faux fur vest! Plus it's pink which is quite possibly the best color ever for a vest

Now a pink faux fur vest can seem a little daunting to wear, especially if you prefer more neutral tones in your wardrobe. Never fear! Just because it's pink doesn't mean you have to look like a cartoon character. Simply pair it with a darling white blouse, I love this one from Escapda, and some black jeans. This will help keep the vest the main focus of the outfit but not super loud. I wasn't too sure when I first saw this vest but immediately loved it once I put it on! I was so warm that I didn't need anything else to wear with it like a scarf or a thicker shirt. 

Wearing: Vest (Sheinside) // Blouse (Escapada) // Jeans (Lucky Brand) // Shoes (Madora

Photography: Jennifer Collins

I love breaking out of my comfort zone with clothing, it makes things so fun! Plus, when you step out of your comfort zone, it allows you to find new outfits that are now your new favorites! This faux fur vest is definitely going into rotation for this winter. Plus it'll look great for those fun brunches with your girlfriends or the office holiday party! 

What's one item or outfit in your closet that you now love thanks to stepping out of your comfort zone? I'd love to hear what it was for you! Another great one for me was hats! I now adore hats and love to wear them every chance that I get!