What I'm Wearing: Holiday Dress

Do you hear what I hear? Cause it's all the gasps I'm getting in this dress! It's the holiday season babes and it's officially party season!! Holiday parties is my favorite thing about December, aside from Christmas of course. I've talked about this all month long but there's something about dressing up in a fabulous dress and getting your hair and nails done that makes December so amazing. 

If you need an amazing dress for any of your holiday parties this month, you must get this one! I feel so incredibly sexy in this little number! Now that's something I don't usually aim for! But with all of our holiday parties, I think it's totally ok! Plus, New Year's Eve is just mere weeks away, this dress is sure to make an appearance at our annual bash. 

Just look at the gorgeous print of this dress! We have a similar pattern here in Charleston that's used on jars from the 1800's and is called a ginger print. So fitting for a southern girl to be wearing a Charleston inspired dress! My obsession with off-shoulder dresses and tops is still going strong. I have a long list of wishlist items on various sites that I hope to get either for Christmas or to purchase for my spring wardrobe! 

With the weather still being fairly temperate here in Charleston, I can still rock my off-shoulder dresses long into the "winter" season. Thank goodness we live on the coast, I don't think I could handle living elsewhere where it's currently snowing! As for my readers that live there, I hope you can live vicarious through my warm pictures :). 

Wearing: Dress (Sheinside) // Shoes (Madora) // Earrings (H&M

Photography: Jennifer Collins 

Do you have any fun holiday plans coming up this month? I'd love to hear what you're going to wear to them! We've got an ugly Christmas sweater party coming up this week and I'd love some suggestions on where to find the ugliest of sweaters! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and get to go to lots of fabulous parties with your friends and family!