What I'm Wearing: Lemon Fresh

Real talk though, I'm digging this new found love of wearing colors and fun prints again. Who was I kidding trying to pull off the minimalist look? I am a true-blue color fan and boy do I love wearing it again! Especially when it's fun prints like this one that makes me so happy on the inside. Because that's how all clothes should make you feel. 

Although this dress is more suited for spring or summer, I don't see any reason not to wear it straight into fall either! I actually wore this to my friend's baby shower earlier in the month (more details soon!) and it was the perfect frock to wear. Why? Because it was bee themed! So obviously I had to wear something bright and yellow. Funny enough, the other hostess was wearing lime green so we looked quite the coordinated pair! 

If you're looking for that perfect dress for brunch, coffee, or throwing the best baby shower ever, this is the dress for you! It really makes me happy and I love seeing it in my closet every day. As I get older I only like wearing pieces that make me truly happy. And no, before you ask, I have not read the Joy of Tidying (although I'd like to!) but I feel it is something that comes with age and an overflowing wardrobe like mine is! 

If you feel a little overwhelming wearing a print like this, just simply pair it with some neutral accessories like my new favorite bucket bag and bow heels to keep things easy. If you want to go a little crazier, throw on some lipstick and a colorful clutch! I think a pink purse would look darling with this lemon dress!

Wearing: Dress (Rose Wholesale) // Purse (Sammy Dress) // Shoes (Oka-B

Photographer: Jennifer Collins 

I cannot wait to keep wearing this dress into the remaining days of summer. It keeps my days so bright and happy! And believe me, I'll definitely be breaking it out the first sunny day of spring next year! 

What's your favorite piece of clothing that just makes you so happy? Let me know in the comments below!