What I'm Wearing: Pink Coat

The weather never truly dropped down long enough here in Charleston to wear coats but that doesn't stop me from wearing this amazing pink coat from Sheinside! That's probably the only down size of living in an area that has more temperate temperatures in the winter. However, I'm sure some of you that live in colder areas are telling me to hold my tongue! I certainly love where I live but I do miss the cold winters and snowy days that we had in London and Copenhagen. There's just something so dreamy watching the snow fall while you're cuddling indoors.

On the days that we did have cold weather here (which was like, two days) I got an awful lot of comments from friends and coworkers laughing at me in my sleeveless dresses and light coats. I just don't own heavier clothing!Thankfully this pink coat is the perfect coat because it's not too heavy so it can be worn on chillier mornings and layered with cute sweaters underneath for colder days. I love coats like that because living in the south, I've never found I needed a pea coat or anything heavy. Plus, it saves an awful lot of space in my tiny closet!

Remember how I said that 2017 was going to be the ongoing trend of chokers? Well, I was right! This is now my second choker that I've gotten and I'm smitten! It makes my outfits have that more edgy look that I love to incorporate. I have to be a little careful because my cat thinks it's a toy when I wear it!

I wanted to share a quick thanks to everyone who responded to my Instagram question the other day. I've been working on taking PMP to a whole new level and rebranding a little bit but I wanted to see what content you all enjoyed seeing the most. Overwhelming, of course, was outfits! But in second place was to see more styled shoots and events, which I'm more than happy to start doing! I love planning styled shoots and it made me so happy to see that you enjoy it too. If you didn't catch the Instagram post (which, why aren't you following?!), share your thoughts with me below! What content have you enjoyed seeing so far on the blog? What would you like to see more of?

Wearing: Coat // Blouse // Jeans // Shoes // Choker