What I'm Wearing: Pretty in Pink

Ah, summertime. The only time of year that I love being head to toe in pink. 

Who am I kidding! I love wearing pink! 

If you've noticed over the past few weeks I've been breaking away from my old habit of black, white, and neutral colors and diving head first into color. Don't get me wrong, half my wardrobe is still neutrals but I'm starting to love to wear color again, especially if it's light, delicate colors like this gorgeous pink dress. 

Everything about this look just reminds me of what a young woman would wear in the 1950's or 1960's. The delicate lace, chiffon skirt, and nude heels just scream perfection. I feel like I'm about to be picked up by P in a 1950's convertible to attend a dance together. 

I'm really starting to enjoy wearing light colors again. You won't find me in anything too bold and bright but it's amazing how clothes and colors make you feel. When I wear my all black or gray outfits, I feel like I can take over the world. However, when I wear something like this pink dress, I feel girly and fun. Isn't interesting how colors can do that to us? 

What are some clothing that you wear that makes you feel girly? Do you typically stick with one color palate or like to mix it up with prints? I love to hear what my readers like to wear daily. I think it's fun to learn a little more about y'all! 

Dress: Fshion.me // Shoes: Oka-B // Purse: Urban Expressions // Sunglasses: H&M 

Photography: Jennifer Collins