What I'm Wearing: Restricted Boots

Spring is finally here in the Lowcountry and I'm certainly loving this new warm weather! But there's one small little caveat that comes with the new seasons, cold mornings and hot afternoons! It's almost like someone taking your thermostat and cranking it really low in the morning and scorching hot in the afternoon. I just want to look at the weather and yell, "make up your mind already!" but that's not going to happen. Because:

A: I'm not a crazy person and

B: The weather is gonna do, what it wants to do

So in the mean time while our weather acts like a preteen, never truly knowing what it wants, I'll have to adjust my closet and seasonal wardrobe appropriately. Thankfully that's not that huge of a challenge! I've partnered with Restricted Shoes to show how you can easily transition your wardrobe from winter to spring with a few fun key pieces.

A key transitional outfit will have three key components to it:

  1. Layers
  2. Cute shoes
  3. Fun accessories

So our weather is super finicky these days and if there's one way to combat it's behavior, it's by wearing layers. I always start with a cute pair of jeans paired with a fun blouse. I'm all about mixing patterns these year so throwing on a fun graphic print sweater is the perfect accompaniment to my plaid blouse. The key here is my blouse isn't a thick material, it's nice and loose so when the temperatures begin to climb, I can easily slip off my sweater and feel instantly cooler!

One challenge I'm doing this year is mixing patterns more often.  If you're scared of mixing patterns, don't be! Just simply make your base layer (aka shirt) a more subtle pattern and make your top layer or bottom layer (skirts, pants, shorts) a more graphic print on a simple background so it really makes everything POP. This is my go to formula and it works like a charm every time!

My personal favorite of this outfit is the shoes! You just can't go wrong with a good knee high brown boot. I've worn these boots with skirts, dresses, and jeans and they make my legs look a mile long! It's such a good classic boot to have in your closet. Especially when transitioning into the new seasons, they don't make my legs hot or feel uncomfortable as the day gets warmer. I love how they keep this look cute, casual, and simple. The CCS formula if you will. These Restricted Shoes boots are now a huge staple in my closet and can't wait to wear them long into the spring season and reemerge them in the fall when temperatures cool down again.

Now for step 3 for your transitional outfit: accessories! What better way to usher your outfits into the new spring season than with accessories! I always reach for a fun pair of sunglasses and a purse to spruce up my outfits. But don't just limit it to new physical accessories, play with your make up too! Ever since cutting and highlighting my hair, I feel like my actual body is ready for spring! That may also because I'm running more again but hey, I'll take what I can get!

Play around with fun lipstick colors, eyeshadows, and even colored mascara! I saw a friend wearing a subtly colored mascara and I've got to say, I was smitten! Spring is a wonderful time to debut a fresh new look that can carry you through the rest of the year. I'm always a sucker for pink, red, and orange toned lipsticks but I've started branching out into even darker colors for a more vampy night time look.

I'm so excited for spring to be here and as we transition into the warmer months, these gorgeous boots from Restricted Shoes will help! For my wonderful readers, Restricted Shoes is offering 25% off your order with my special code PMP25! You can pick up some adorable new shoes like my boots to transition your wardrobe into the spring months!

What are your favorite pieces to help transition your wardrobe into spring? Let me know in the comments below!

Wearing: Blouse // Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Purse