What I'm Wearing: Travel Wear with Zaful

This off the shoulder top is perfect for those longer flights where you want a little coverage, because planes are so damn cold. Which by the way, why are they so cold? I almost feel like I've got to bring a blanket to keep warm! But since we're going to a tropical place that's just as hot as Charleston, this shirt won't be as heavy as a long sleeve blouse. Pair it with leggings and my favorite wedges and I'm ready to go! 

Knowing me, I'll end up packing a pair of shorts to change into once we arrive in the Dominican so I'm not dying! If there's one thing I have to pack in my carry-on is shorts and any emergency items like tissues, mascara, and gum. A girl's got to have fresh breath! 

This gorgeous earrings and my favorite bead and tassel necklace is perfect for completing my travel look. I've always felt the need to be dressy when I travel. I've never been one of those girls that throws on sweatpants and slippers to travel in! Even when I moved to both London and Copenhagen, I had to travel in style. Because duh, if you're going to move to some seriously stylish cities, you've got to arrive in style!

Photographer: Jennifer Collins // Top: Zaful // Earrings: Zaful 

I'm so excited to finally be down in the Dominican. We are throwing a HUGE film festival for work tonight so as soon as that's over I can finally focus on our trip! I haven't even begun to pack and typically I do that weeks before we fly out! P is adamant we can pack everything in one suitcase but I beg to differ. I need an entire suitcase for all my outfits!

What's your favorite travel outfit? Let me know in the comments below!