What I'm Wearing: Valentine's Day

So quick insight into my world, Valentine's Day is actually one of my favorite holidays. No joke! Everyone seems to enjoy raining down on this holiday but I personally love it! I share my love with P every day of the year and always find little ways to surprise him and show him my love but I do enjoy setting aside a specific day to celebrate, well, love!

But there's a caveat to my love for Valentine's Day: it means we are exactly 6 days from my birthday! So really, Valentine's week is all about celebrating love and my birthday but more on that later.

Now I know Valentine's Day is usually reserved for pink and red dresses, flowers, and flashy jewelry, this year I wanted to do something a little different. You can still wear your black digs with a pop of pink or red! I'm not a flashy girl and actually prefer a more demure look for Valentine's Day. I like to jazz it up a bit by wearing one of my favorite lipsticks and call a day!

But wait, it's not just any pink shirt, it's a backless shirt! Way to up the ante on your special date this week by wearing a backless top. It's so sexy and demure at the same time. No one would expect it to look this way! I love how it keeps my outfit a little bit edgy but fun and flirty at the same time. P loves my back so when I show it off in an outfit he goes ga ga!

The best part about this outfit is that you don't necessarily have to wear it for Valentine's Day. You can wear it out with the girls, to a date, or just around town! Trust me, anytime that I wear this shirt, I get so many compliments!

I am so looking forward to Valentine's Day tomorrow. P and I are going to 5 Church as they are having a spectacular menu for the evening and perhaps a glass or two of champagne. He's saying this is an "extra special" Valentine's Day but we'll see about that!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with all your loved ones tomorrow. What fun things do you have planned? Is there a special outfit you'll be wearing? Let me know in the comments!

Wearing: Shirt // Jeans // Purse // Booties

Photography: Jennifer Collins