Instagram Tips for Fashion Bloggers

Instagram Tips for Fashion Bloggers For most fashion bloggers like myself, Instagram is the perfect platform to highlight my personal style almost instantaneously and other things that catch my eye on a daily basis. But with the multitudes of  other fashion bloggers on Instagram how does one stand out in the sea of many? Follow these ten tips and you'll start getting the recognition you deserve for your amazing personal style!

  1. Backgrounds

Before taking a picture, think about what you're wearing and your surrounding backgrounds. If you're wearing all white, a striking colorful background can really make your outfit pop, likewise if you're wearing dark colors. The three things I consider for a quick Insta-snap is lighting, colors, and angles.

     2.  Timing

There's a magical part of the day called, The Magic Hour. Many photographers are familiar with this time and it happens right around sunrise and sunset. During this magical hour, the sun's lighting is perfect enough to not cast any additional shadows on the subject matter and create an almost ethereal glow on you.

    3. Have Fun!

This is something I feel most people who strive to be in fashion forget, it's ok to have fun! Show off your personality by snapping a funny face or doing something you love. My favorite pictures are those where I'm laughing or doing something I love. So don't be afraid to be silly or jump around, you'll be surprised what you'll get.

4. Don't Over Edit

Over editing can immediately make a good photo turn bad and no one likes a grainy photo. Try and take a clear pictures and make small, minor edits in post-production. My favorite thing to do is enhance brightness and exposure, sharpen just a little bit, and take out any unnecessary shadows.

  5. Outfit Lays

Don't underestimate the power of the outfit lays! I've experienced a great deal of attention on Instagram over my outfit lays. The best way to achieve a perfect outfit lay  is by using a white background (I use my handy-dandy white board) or a photogenic rug. Get creative though with your flat lays! Throw in some accessories and other details to add more depth and personality to your flat lays.

6. Stay True to You

One of the most important things I can advise is to stay true to you. Don't try to emulate other fashion bloggers if their style isn't your own. Your followers are used to your aesthetic and brand image and changing that could result in a loss of followers. If you love bold and colorful photos, do that! Don't suddenly switch into something more minimalist if it's not your style.

7. Height

One of my favorite ways to enhance a flat lay shot of anything is by adding height so I can get all the details in the shot. This does require climbing up on a chair or small ladder but please be careful!

  8. Keep the Square Full

If you're shooting food, it helps to keep the square full. Have the main dish as the highlight point and then add in the other details like salt and pepper shakers, your drink, and utensils to fill in the empty spaces.

9. Lighting Adjustments

If you're shooting where the lighting is yellow, adjust the temperature of the image to a cooler setting to make the image a little more blue. This also helps if you like a crisper image and want to tone down the colors. But if you're shooting under fluorescent lighting, warm up the temperature of the image to even out the lighting.

10. Give Direction

This is something I always try to set up for a friend that's taking the picture so it comes out just the way I envision it. If I want my entire outfit, including shoes, in the shot it helps to have the camera down to eye level to get everything in. If you help give them direction, you'll always have a great photo taken.

Remember, these tips aren't just for fashion bloggers, ayone can use these tips to streamline their Instagram and start growing their followers. All it takes is a little photography knowledge and a couple of cute outfits!

What do you think of these tips? Would you want to see more tips on growing your Instagram account? I'm thinking about starting an Instagram series or possible e-class for my readers. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!