Jungle Fever

I've been struck with jungle fever y'all! This look is muy calente and I'm all about it! You may remember this was my first summer dappling with jeans shorts (I know, shocker) and since that fateful day, they've been a permanent fixture in my wardrobe this summer. Now that summer is winding down, these shorts aren't going anywhere. If anything, they're sticking around long into the remainder of this year by pairing them with a leather jacket and a sexy, tie up blouse. 

Y'all, I feel like Beyonce in this look. 

I feel so incredibly powerful and sexy in this outfit and that's one of the things I love about clothes. I love how an outfit can take you from a 10 to a 100 on any given day and can totally change your confidence. Now that's the kind of style I like to pursue. I don't want to throw on something and just feel blah. I want to throw on a dress or a pair of shorts and feel like I can tackle the world. If you don't believe me, some of my worst days are when I'm wearing something that's not fueling my fire.  But when I do, my whole world is sparking with creativity and action. I get so much more done, my mood is happier, and I feel like nothing can stop me. 

Isn't that how every day should feel?

As you can probably tell from Instagram and this post, I've been switching up my aesthetic to something darker and moodier and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! I personally love it and it's such a departure from my usual brighter and lighter photos. Shout out to my girl Nicole Mickle for making it happen! 

On a very fun and exciting note, we did get that house! We close in mid-September and I'm so excited! Get ready for a lot of room reveals, fun DIYs, and other projects hitting the blog throughout the fall months. We are so excited and thank you to everyone who left us sweet messages over the past few days. They truly touched my heart and I can't wait to show off our sweet new abode! As first time homeowners, this has been a wild ride from start to finish and I can't wait to keep this crazy train going! 

Photography: Nicole Mickle

Wearing: Blouse  / Shorts / Jacket / Shoes