Lazy Mornings and Bell Sleeves

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The air is crisp, leaves are changing, it's finally here, fall. I'm so happy that it's finally fall here in Charleston! Although it's taking me a few days to adjust to the cooler mornings, I'm happy to have summer end. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It forces me to slow down, stop making plans all the time, and truly enjoy the changing scenery. 

It also means I get to wear some of my favorite sweaters, longer blouses, and leggings. I've fully given in to my 70's hippy child and keep buying mustard yellow clothes, long bell sleeves, and embroidered everything. I just can't help it! This delightful yellow shirt is the perfect transition top into fall. It's light and airy, a fun color, and it looks amazing with shorts when it's hot during the day, and fantastic with jeans at night when it's cooler. 

I can't even believe that I found this shirt off of Amazon! There's a great new Instagram account, Styled on Amazon, and we collaborated together on this post to show how great Amazon clothes truly are! You don't have to break the bank to have trendy clothes these days, and with Prime shipping, I was all about getting my order in 2 days! 

I absolutely love this top and think it looks incredible on! Of course I was going to love something with bell sleeves!

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I love that during the day I can still wear my favorite jean shorts and I don't have to pack them up just yet. I'm still trying to stretch out my summer clothes, I'm just not ready to pack them all away! But it does make me happy to bring out sweaters that I had forgotten about and to wear my favorite leather jacket again. I was joking with P the other morning commenting on my all black outfit, I guess summer is truly over when I revert back to wearing all black! You definitely can't get away with that the other 9 months of the year here!

Even more importantly though, fall is the best time to slow down. There's something in me that clicks once fall becomes a reality. I stop making plans every day, I go home and I'm happy to just cook, watch a little TV with P, and go to bed by 9. I don't have the desire to go to a bar for a night cap or stay up late (as if that ever happens!). Instead, I want to curl up with a book, light a fire in our fireplace, and drink red wine. It happens every year and I feel like I have no control over it when it happens! 

But I'm grateful for it. 

I'm grateful to slow down and surround myself with those that I love and to take the time to reconnect. 

It's important. It's needed. And it always returns me back to my ground. 

How nice is that?

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I can't wait to spend long weekend mornings at my favorite cafe with P this fall. This blouse is officially one of my favorite shirts and I can't wait to keep wearing it long into fall and the spring months. It looks amazing with shorts and I feel like a true hippy child in it! 

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Photographer: Nicole Mickle Photography

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