Little Moments

Little Moments I love taking pictures with my iPhone. So much so that my friends are always picking on me! So instead of letting these pictures sit around on my phone, I'm going to start a new weekly series called Little Moments, where I feature my favorite snaps from the week. I feel like this is a great way to include you all in my life a little bit more and see what I love to take photos of. Many times it's food (I'm so guilty of taking photos of food at restaurants!) and drinks but also a window display I'm in love with or a quick snap of my cat lounging in the sun. I hope you all enjoy them and this new series!


A beautiful rainbow sent from a friend in Colorado

Bay Street Biergarten

A little bite to eat while enjoying Happy Hour at Bay Street Biergarten with coworkers

Desk Accessories

Little desk accessories to brighten up my office space.


A delicious vegetarian sandwich at Boxcar Betty's 

Marion Square

P photo bombing a nice picture of Marion Square

Spoleto Festival

I love the Spoleto Festival Signs all over town

King of Pops

Cooling off from the summer heat with King of Pops